Thursday, May 7, 2009

Recent events around here...

So many little things going on around here that I feel like I am constantly running and never getting anything done.

#1-My closet broke. It seems that the idiots who built our house GLUED the braces for the closet rod on! Yep, GLUED. So there I sit, in the middle of the night, B is working graves so I am here with the boys alone, and I hear this CRASH!!!!

Of course that is an instant heart attack and I am convinced some murderer is going to come crashing through the walls and kill us all.

Nope, it's just the closet breaking, no biggie *Sigh*

So now my closet is all cleaned out, purged of unwanted items and organized. I love it, I wish it would stay that way forever but I know it will only last until the next time we do laundry *Sigh*. And silly me, I didn't even think to take pictures.

#2-Work work work, but I have the next three weeks off and I am so excited about that. Of course I am not quite as excited by the fact that we were supposed to be going on a trip to Washington next week and had to cancel because there have been so many cut backs at B's work and we just can't afford to take a trip right now, hopefully things will pick up soon and he will be getting more hours, until then we are tightening the belts and turning the lights off as much as possible.

#3- It's spring. The boys and I have been taking long walks every day, spending time at the park and just hanging out together, it's been so much fun! I wish I was always able to spend this much time with them.

#4- One highly disastrous photo shoot... somehow the settings on my camera got messed up and between the bright sun, and the little tiny veiwing screen, I didn't notice it in time. So a new photo shoot is on the calendar and the boys are...thrilled.

#5- Fun thrifted sheet and fabrics found to make my own version of this quilt by Oh Fransson!

#6- My birthday, which was traumatic because I woke up thinking I was 37 and I was so depressed. B had to do the math for me to prove that I was indeed only 36, which sadly doesn't really make me feel any better. I feel so old and so unaccomplished for my advanced age. But B did his best to cheer me up with my birthday present. Who can't be cheered by a PINK vintage reproduction bicycle, which is even better for the fact that it's not a *true* reproduction, meaning it has gears that will actually allow my fat butt to make it up the mountain to school in the morning.

#7-This boy who has waited "Soooooooooooooo long" is oficially nine! It's hard having the LAST birthday in the family. All our birthdays are right in a row in the space of a month and a half. The twins are first, then B, then me, then K and it's really hard for him to be the last in the family. The whining and begging to "Just have my birthday NOW" starts on the twins birthday and lasts for a month and a half until his birthday finally arrives. We went swimming and had cheesecake last night and he got to stay up clear 'til 10:06 so that he could be awake when he officially turned nine. Silly boy, he makes life worth it!

Coming up on the calendar
#1-Another photo shoot of the boys, hopefully I won't screw it up this time.
#2-Choir concerts, two to be exact, the last of the year. I am sad and relieved at the same time. The boys are ecstatic, no more early morning practices!
#3-HMQS Quilt show!
#4- Mother's day and a possible trip to Logan to see my Grandmothers
#5- My anniversary- 14 years. Time flies when you're having a ball.


Becky K said...

Been THAT busy, huh? :)

DottieLou said...

photo shoot... dang I hate it when that happens... Photo shop to the rescue

Jennifer said...

Drooling over those fabrics!! And I have that exact same bicycle!! I bought it at Target!! Its such a happy little bike (and dusty, because there's too many hills in my neighborhood)!

Anonymous said...

I"ve missed talking to you! Thanks for the comment on my blog, seems you're the only one who cares. So I EXTRA appreciate it. Hope your birthday was awesome!

Melissa said...

Happy belated birthday! Call if you are going to make it to grandma's for mother's day. We would love to see you.

The Young Family said...

You have very handsom boys, the quilt looks like it's going to be great and I LOVE your bike! Happy Mother's Day!