Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mini Quilt Layouts

Since B had to work, and my parents were out of town, the boys and I just got to hang out at home today.

I was feeling more than a little sorry for myself for being all alone so I decided to make myself busy.

My mom thinks I'm crazy because when I make quilts, I refuse to throw away the little scraps. But I like to make little tiny quilts. I think I almost enjoy the little tiny ones more than the big ones.

Anyway, I made this quilt several years ago, and I saved all the little triangles that I trimmed off as I sewed the blocks together.

I sewed all the little triangles together to make 1 1/2" half triangle squares and then spent the afternoon laying them out into ideas for mini quilts. The problem is...I liked all the possibilities so much and couldn't decide what to do as the final quilt.

So, I decided to compromise and make a sampler row quilt. Here is my chosen layout. There will be a strip of the canvas colored muslin between each row to help break up the patterns a little bit.

Hmmmmm I really like the pinwheel pattern though, so maybe I will make a second quilt in a pinwheel... (Please pardon the poor lighting, I don't have the light fixtures installed in my new sewing room yet.)


DottieLou said...

yikes soooo much work .. I really like the top one

Melissa said...

I love the pinwheels! It was great visiting with you yesterday.