Saturday, June 27, 2009

A swollen eye, a checkered quilt, and the "Redneck Wrecks"

This is my poor eye tonight at 11 PM (Yes, I know I need to do something about those eyebrows that are growing wildly out of control). This morning it was so swollen that I couldn't even open it. I think being upright has helped the swelling go down, and I suspect that tomorrow morning it will be huge again.

A trip to the doctor to find out that I have cellulitis (An infection) in my upper eyelid and I will be on oral antibiotics and antibiotic eye drops for the next two weeks. Fun stuff. Hurts too *Sigh*

My youngest son K came up to me several weeks ago and said "Mom, can you make me a checker board?" I said "I wouldn't even know how to make a checker board dude" and he said "You could quilt one" so I thought "Why not?" I bought the fabric at Walmart (this is probably going to be destroyed after all) and then promptly forgot all about it in the chaos of the end of the school year stuff that I had to get done.

Today I hauled it out and put it together but I blew it. I cut one of the sashing strips too small which meant I didn't have enough fabric to make a fourth strip....hmmmm what to do? I decided to just stick a square of the white flag fabric in each corner, then decided that that would be too boring and that pinwheels would be better.

I'm so glad I messed up because the quilt is so much cuter with the pinwheels than it would have been without them. Now I just need to get started on the yo-yo checkers!

And last but not least, B decided that we needed to release our inner redneck and head out for a fun filled night at the Demolition Derby which I have lovingly dubbed "The Redneck Wrecks".

Personally I don't get the fascination, I was so busy being scared that someone was going to get killed that I couldn't unclench long enough to enjoy myself.

I did join in the cheering though when, after being flipped on it's lid, this car was returned to it's upright position by the field crew and rejoined the melee.

Hope you are all having a great weekend, I am looking forward to a nice quiet day at Mom's house tomorrow.


craftwithme said...

Melanie went to that, too! Sorry about your eye, that sucks. And hey, your checkerboard is adorable!