Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Peace and Quiet

Most mornings it is chaos in this household. Kids running around, fighting over bathroom space, the last of the milk, and who stole my socks?!?!?

Mornings are frustrating for me, everything is rush rush rush, and I feel the deadline of being to school on time hanging over my head.

But this week...the boys are off track, B is off work (Until Thursday of course, he goes back just in time to work Thanksgiving!) and I am the only one moving in this house of mine.

Part of me really enjoys the silence, the getting ready at a leisurely pace, no taking turns in the bathroom, no having to curl my hair over a little one brushing his teeth. It's nice. I take my time eating my breakfast, read, catch up on blogs, enjoy my morning and get to work feeling much less frantic.

But at the same time, I miss them all. I miss hearing about their dreams over breakfast, I miss hearing them talk about what they are going to do at recess today, and can they take their football to school please?

It's a weird feeling. I enjoy so much this time to myself, but at the same time, I miss the noise and hustle.

And an update on me. I went to the doctor yesterday. My "Migraine" on Sunday wasn't a migraine at all, as I had suspected as the day progressed and none of my meds were working. I have a severe sinus infection, in both sides, and my ear drums are so retracted that they are pressing on the bone in my ear, hence the extreme pain radiating through my head and my sensitivity to sound. It also explains the feeling of my eyes wanting to pop out of my forhead.

I now have steriods, antibiotics, probiotics, and a brand new 40 count box of Advil Cold and Sinus, my own personal box of salvation! I have never found anything that works better! Here is hoping I feel human again in a day or two.


DottieLou said...

hope you feel better soon

Julie said...

Its just not fun to be sick! Hope your feeling better soon.

Liz said...

So sorry to hear you are under the weather.

momofa2e said...

Hope you recover quickly. Then you can really enjoy the hustle and bustle of mornings in cold weather...adds to the chaos. :) Finding gloves, etc.