Monday, August 23, 2010

Been Quilting

I have to say, the beginning of the school year is NOT my favorite time of the year. It's the time of the year where I wish alcohol wasn't against my religion! The beginning of the school year means lots and lots of paperwork, and starting new schedules from scratch. They are not easy to figure out, and they leave me feeling very stressed and overwhelmed.

The good news is... I'M DONE! Well, not 100%, still waiting on D-track, but I have the nastiest part behind me now and I can breathe again! HOORAY!

Since I was a Deer Widow this weekend, I spent a lot of it with needle and thread. I worked on these...

Current count is 104! Only 40 more to go and I can start joining them in rows!

And I started on these, any guesses? I have to say, this quilt is going to be MUCH smaller than I wanted! I have never tried anything so fussy and irritating. As much as I love them, I just don't think I am cut out for these!

I tried out two different tutorials and the blocks ended up 1/8" bigger with one version, so I decided to make another one and turn them into a pin cushion for my DQS Partner. Unfortunately, this is a pretty bullet proof pin cushion, so she will have to just have it for show LOL

And this is my inspiration, does it make you feel inspired too? It makes me drool!

1. Charming Mini Quilt Swap for Kelby30, 2. John: one-ninth done? or just one-sixteenth?, 3. Stained Glass Windows, 4. DSCN0333, 5. Pillow Swap 2 pillow FINISHED! =), 6. Pillow Swap Pillow 16x16 -Front, 7. More June STUD from AntiqueRoses, 8. completed pillow for pillow talk swap 3, 9. Cathedral Window Doll Quilt for quilt swap 4

I plan to flat out copy #1 up there, don't you just love it? I do! I hope they don't mind!


KQuiltyBee said...

I DO just love #1--a really nice choice. Great progress on the hexies. And thanks for the FM. Keep in touch.

Sue said...

Your flowers are wonderful. You really crank those things out.

I love the little pincushions you are working on!