Saturday, August 14, 2010

Epic Update

I haven't been crafting much lately because my craft room has been torn up since the 16th of June so that it could serve as a guest room for the past month. My guests are all now gone *Sniff* and I will start putting my craft room back together (Have to, have a swap quilt due out in the next few days!).

In the meantime I have been working on my hexagon flowers. I now have all of the outsides put together and have started adding the centers. I don't like this part, so I strongly suspect it will go much slower than making the flower outsides did. However, I am really driven to get this quilt done, so we will see which wins out, my desire or my sloth LOL

Here is a little peek at the eight flowers I have done so far. I think I am going to absolutely love this quilt!

I've also been doing some reading. I finished "Walk Two Moons" for the SDDBE book club and loved it so much I went out and bought my own copy. Even though it's a juvenille fiction I highly recommend it. It was an enjoyable, gripping book with a sad ending that gives you that snotty, unattractive, sobbing cry.

In fact, I loved it so much that on a recent trip to the thrift with my sister, I saw the authors name on a book and just grabbed it, didn't even look to see what it was about it, I just bought it LOL. It's another great story, thankfully without the snotty sobbing cry at the end, though there are some tense parts. And apparently I'm not her only fan. When I set the book on the counter at the checkstand the man behind me started to enthusiastically tell me how much I would enjoy it =0) I plan to read more of her books as well, and my 11 year old is now reading Ruby Holler and begging to stay up later so he can keep reading.

Also at the thrift I found these three Cath Kidston-ish plates. I have no idea who makes them, on the back it says MSE Dishwasher safe china. I put a temporary halt on my plate buying freeze and bought them to display on the shelf of my Vintage play kitchen. I don't know who makes them, but I think they're stinkin' cute!

This month we have had trips out of town, visits, pool parties, and BBQ dinners with family, and this week I had a sweet visit from my BFF Brandy Ann.

She moved to Chicago about eightish years ago, and I miss her desperately. The boys were so excited to see her kids, they don't remember them much, but we used to get together for playdates back in the day, and I enjoyed getting a little snuggle time in with "Scooter". I was really sorry to see them pull out of the driveway and wish our visit could have been longer.

Also recently, these boys had their first day of school! I now have two sixth graders and a fifth grader. I don't know when they got so old, it snuck up on me! I start back to work next week and I am dreading it, I have really come to enjoy my time at home =0P Especially since I have the most hated part of my job every single week this year instead of twice a month. NOT looking forward to that! But it will be good to get up and moving again, I have gotten really lazy in these weeks off.

Hope you have all had a fabulous summer as well!


Mrs. JP said...

Your hexis look great BUT those plates are to die for....You had to buy them!

Anonymous said...

I am just now seeing this :) See what happens when I do a Google search on my name!! LOL!!