Saturday, August 28, 2010

Magazines, Quilt Shops, and Prizes OH MY!

You know this magazine?

It's my favorite magazine, and probably the only one I will buy sight unseen. The rest I have to thumb through first to make sure it's worth my hard earned dollars, and I buy very few magazines as it is. But this magazine, I have them all, they are all incredible.

I'm a lucky girl, I live right in the middle of some really fabulous quilt shops. And three of them now have been featured in this magazine. Pine Needles is the closest to my house, though it's not really all that close either, which is probably a good thing! And it's the one I go to more than any other. I love the ladies there, they are all really fun and love to help you figure things out, help you chose fabrics, anything you need.

So I was really excited to see them featured in this awesome magazine, and to celebrate they hosted a little party at the shop last night. Mom was worn out, she didn't want to leave the house, but too bad, I dragged her down there with me because if we were one of the first ten people in the door, we got a prize! I'm all about free stuff (have to be on my non-existent budget LOL). We lucked out, mom and I were #'s 9 and 10!

Our prize was a free Moda Candy Bar. Mom and I both got dark, civil war prints, and there was a lady inside who had a Bliss. I said "Oh you are so lucky! Wanna trade?" Well it turns out that what I had was more her style so she said "Sure" and HORAY! I got a Bliss candybar! It really is more blissful than chocolate! We got the license plate frame free with purchase! Don't you love what it says? It's perfect for me!(How did they know I wanted a license plate frame with my blog title on it? LOL) And there was also a drawing to win free backing for the quilt and guess what? Mom and I BOTH WON! Can you believe it? Maybe we should have bought a lottery ticket while we were at it LOL Thanks Pine Needles! You are awesome Hostesses!

The store was a mad house, lots of people. Dad was sitting on the bench outside impatiently tapping his toes, so we decided to just grab a few little things and head out. I bought some fat quarters, and fat eights, and a half yard of the light gray dot. The bigger piece of the light gray dot is the backing that mom won.

When we went back today to pick up our prizes (mine was the dark grey dot pictured above) I bought some fabrics to make the quilt with.

Now this quilt! I have to admit I was a little bummed when they said they had done a Halloween quilt. I already have several Halloween quilts. Dang!

But then I saw it! IT IS SO DANG CUTE! Guess I will be making another Halloween quilt! It was designed by the shop owner, Sandra Workman, who is also the owner of Pine Mountain Designs. And also the creator of the darling quilt I made recently...

They look similar no?

I'm in heaven, I can't wait to get started! Go buy the magazine so you can make one too =0)


Sue said...

Congratulations to you!

I love that magazine too and would have to say it's my favorite.

How lucky that you live so close to so many quilt shops. Most of mine are about an hour away:(

Amy Sorensen said...

That's a great haul! It is nice to have a store you can rely on. The one that's closest to my house (like...two miles away) has a fairly good selection but THE SNOOTIEST ladies. My favorite in Utah County is the Quilting Cottage in A.F. They are REALLY friendly AND they will cut your binding on the bias for you! Hello! How cool is that???

I have a thing for Halloween quilts too. And fall-ish fabrics. Must. Say. No. this year!

Darlene said...

Congrats to you and your Mom on your winnings. I can tell you had tons of fun. I'd love to visit all the wonderful stores in your area especially Pine Needles. Sigh!

Vickie E said...

oh my gosh I LOVE Sandra's stitcheries..I have to get that are a lucky gal to be living so close :)

Pine Needles said...

Thank you for coming to celebrate with us! We love it when customers win, it is just so fun to see they so happy. Thanks for your kind words and the lovely post.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Catching up with you Jeanette. Fun to read your posts.