Sunday, August 29, 2010

Recent Reads

Have been doing a bit of reading lately. The problem with me and books, is that I tend to get addicted to whatever I am reading and I ignore everything else until I am done with my book. And heaven help us all if I have another book ready and waiting to dive into as soon as I am done with my current selection!

My most recent reads are as follows...

A Vintage Affair

This one was loaned to my by my friend Becky (I need to give her money for the late fee from the library, oops). I enjoyed it, but it was a little sad. Her best friend dies and she blames herself. Then she meets an elderly woman who has a similar story, she failed to save her best friend and was mistakenly responsible for her capture by the German Army during WWII. Through sharing their stories, the two women help each other to heal.

Absolutely Normal Chaos by Sharon Creech

I picked this book up because it is by the same author as "Walk Two Moons" and "Ruby Holler" but I have to say, I didn't like it! I thought it was boring and predictable. Oh well, they can't all be winners right? The only amusing part about this book is that it parallelled "Walk Two Moons" it had some of the same characters and happened close to the same time. But that was pretty much the only thing I liked about it.

Master by Toni Sorensen

I started this book around the 4th of July and I read about 80% of the book really quickly. But then I got to the part where Christ's appostles start to realize that the reason Jesus becomes so fervent and tireless in His ministry is because He knows he running out of time. And I know what is coming, and I don't want to go there, so I have been stalling, and dragging out the end of this book. But I am now forcing myself to finish it. As much as I can't bear to read about the torture and crucifiction of Christ, I need to finish the book.

And last but not least, my most recent SDBBE book club selection...
I Am the Messenger by Markus Zusak

I have to admit that the fact that there was a playing card on the cover, and the page in the middle that I opened up to read contained a card game, I thought this book was going to be about Poker and I had absolutely NO desire to read it! Then I decided I had better get started so that I could pass it on to the next person and in the front read what Britt had written about not liking the book etc. Then I really didn't want to read it. But guess what? I loved it from the first page. I couldn't see what she didn't like about it because I was entertained from the beginning. One of my favorite things about this book had nothing to do with the author himself, but with Britt, the one who selected this book for our book club. She had gone through and used white out on all the swear words (And there were a LOT of swear words!). Some of them were already filled in with substitute words, but others were left blank and it was fun filling in the blank spots, kind of like a mad lib =0)

Here is a little peek inside "I Am the Messenger" so you can see what I mean.

Anyway, this book is about a guy who is present during a bank robbery. When the burglar bungles and drops the gun as he exits the bank, he runs out and picks it up and uses it to hold the guy until the cops get there. It's his first heroic act. Shortly after, a playing card shows up with three addresses. He has no idea what they mean, but when he starts to investigate, he discovers that at each address, there is someone who needs to be helped in some way. Once he has helped them all, another playing card arrives with three more missions and so on. It takes him on a journey of self discovery and despite all the swearing, I thought it was a pretty good book.