Sunday, September 26, 2010

DQS9 Wrap Up

So, another Doll Quilt Swap has come and gone, and this one was quite the ride for me!

In our little questionnaire, when it asked what colors we were hoping for, I said that I am currently grooving on yellow and gray. I see it here and there and when I do, I just love it. It reminds me of my life right now. Partly cloudy =0P

Anyway, the best part of the doll quilt swap is seeing little sneak peeks pop up on flickr. Since it's a blind swap, you don't know who your partner is until your quilt arrives. This is very hard for me because I tend to fall in love with every quilt I see and I am crushed when it doesn't come to me. I know, I'm a dork, but seriously, if you saw the talent these ladies posses, you would fall in love too!

So up pops this gorgeous little number by Freida and instantly I KNEW it was mine! It was yellow and gray, and one of only two quilts posted with that color scheme, and I knew the other one simply could NOT be mine because I was HER partner, and you don't get each other!

So, I figured I was pretty safe in my guess that this quilt was mine and mine alone, and I gave my little heart free reign to fall in love.

Imagine my surprise when someone else got MY quilt in the mail!!! It was a shock let me tell you, cuz I was SO sure LOL

Anyway, I knew that the other quilt couldn't be mine, because like I said, I was HER partner, so now I was confused, wondering if my partner decided to go a different direction and so I went through all the quilts again, trying to guess which one could be mine.

The second surprise came when my package arrived and my son read to me the return address on the envelope (I was out of town at the time)! I just started laughing, those silly swap mommas had played a trick on us. My partner, was my partner!!!! I didn't even have to be there to open the envelope to know exactly which quilt was inside.

It was this darling little birdie from 2hippos! How fun is this sweet little quilt? She has sewn some little matching beads to the fuscia flower squares. Such a fun, happy little quilt!

Meanwhile, I had written a little note to Frieda to let her know that I had just believed that her quilt was mine, and that I was bummed that it didn't come to me (Not that I don't love my little birdie, I just want them all LOL I'm greedy like that!) and that I would have been absolutely thrilled if it had come to me because it was awesome and I just wanted her to know that I had really liked it!

She was so sweet and totally surprised me by sending me a little mug rug made like the quilt. Isn't she awesome? She was sneaky and got my address from one of the swap mommas! It was such a great surprise on a day that I REALLY needed something good to happen! (See post below about problems going on around here!)

I got the best of both worlds, two totally awesome gifts of gray and yellow happiness! Thank you so much Ronit, and Frieda! You both rock!

Meanwhile, here is the little quilt that I made for Ronit! I hope she likes it as much as I like mine! She said she likes jewel tones, so I used Amethyst, Aquamarine, onyx, yellow topaz, and peridot =0) And my favorite "Make Life" print fabric!

(This is the picture Ronit took, I am using this one because it's a much better picture than the one I took!)

I love swaps, even though I fall in love with all the quilts and am sad because all but one of them go to someone else =0P I love the little pieces of my flickr friends that get to live with me in my house and brighten my day. Thanks again ladies!


Stray Stitches said...

Love both of the gray and white you received - you are a very lucky lady!!

two hippos said...

Thanks for the lovely write-up. I'm linking to your story in my blogger's quilt festival post! I'm so glad you like it. And your delightful quilt is hanging in my office, making it a much brighter place to work :)

Sandra said...

What fun little doll quilts. And it is always nice to virtually meet another Utah quilter. Hope you can come visit me.