Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

It was my dad's birthday yesterday. He asked for a mug rug :D don't have to ask my twice! These are my new addiction! I put his initials on it because things tend to disappear off his desk and maybe this way someone will leave it alone.

A funny story about this mug rug. I sketched it out and showed it to my 11 year old PK, who was playing beside my desk. I wanted to see what he thought and he let me know right away. "Mom" he said, in a way that would totally sound like rolled eyes if you could hear rolled eyes..."That is a driver, you need a PITCHING WEDGE to get out of a sand trap!!!" I had NO IDEA this kid knew so much about golf clubs! And of course I had to go google it so that I could make it look like the right kind of club. Heaven forbid I should use a driver in a sand trap LOL


**MIGNONNE** said...

The mug rug is fantastic! I love the story too. Who would have know about the different types of clubs? Your DS!!! Too cute.

Jeni said...

A mug rug...I LOVE that idea!!!