Monday, October 4, 2010

I love to spoil, and be spoiled

I joined another swap, crazy I know, especially with so much on my plate, but I just couldn't help myself!

And besides, they were small, so it was no big deal right?

I joined a mug rug swap!

My partner was scrap studio and I made her first mug run within five minutes of getting my partner assignment. She was just that easy!

Then my nerves took over, as they always do, and I started to panic, what if she didn't like it??? So I started stalking her, reading her blog, and checking out her flicker photostream, and favorites. And I discovered she collects Ampersands!! How cool is that? I love ampersands, they have such a fun shape, and I knew I had to make an ampersand rug for her as well. But I knew I couldn't even show a sneak preview, because the minute she saw it, she would know exactly who it was for. So I sat on it, kept it under tight wraps, and that was HARD for me! I like to share!

So here is my partner's final package (Picture taken by her because I totally spaced out on taking a picture of the finished mug rug UGH) I also decoupaged a chipboard ampersand for her to add to her collection, made a beaded scissor fob,a cute Christmas note pad, and sent some of my favorite red lace.

Luckily she loved it! Either that, or she's a REALLY good liar =0P

And because I love to be spoiled as much as the next guy...I totally have to brag about my awesome swap partner and the fantabulous package she sent to me! You can tell that she stalked me as much as I stalked Kelly, and that she totally got me, and made things just to make ME happy! How awesome is it when that happens? I feel like I have hit the swap partner jack pot lately!

Look at this buch of amazingness that I received!

I literally opened this package with my mouth hanging open!

When I saw the sneak previews, I commented "How nice of you to give me marshmallows to go with my hot chocolate!! Of course she had that darling little cherry tart blocked out on her picture because she said it was a dead give away as to the recipient, so I didn't get to drool all over that until it got here! And on the asterisk one I said "Pour moi sil vous plait" Which is French for "For me please" and guess what? It totally WAS for me! Who would have guessed? Certainly not me! I am beyond thrilled! And can you believe how dang cute that little matroyshka zipper pouch is? I have to carry it around in a death grip because everyone who sees it, wants to swipe it. And that cute cherry fabric, and cherry quilt's all too much cuteness, I can't take it!

Are you jealous? I am so thrilled with how this swap turned out, and I am only half done! I signed up for TWO partners! And then I got all crazy and signed up for a private swap with another partner, so there is more to come, stay tuned!

There is some serious talent in those mug rug swappin' ladies, I'm tellin' ya!


Becky K said...

When you said spoil, I thought for sure you were talking about SDBBE. Should have known you'd signed up for another swap. :)

I love the stuff you made! I am envious of your talent. Is there anything you can't do? And, did you know I can't walk past a piece of fabric with cherries on it without thinking of you?

Mrs. JP said...

That looks like so much fun. Way to stalk, I mean, find out what she really likes. :O)

Stray Stitches said...

I love both of the mug rugs that you made. And you included such wonderful litte extras!

Whimsical Creations said...

Oh my!! Looks like lots of GOODIES!