Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Snow

We had a blizzard last week, it was all over the news, they wanted the roads cleared by 3 pm to make sure everyone got home safely. I made sure the water bubbler was full, I made sure all the flashlights had batteries and we had plenty of firewood in case the power went out.

The Great Blizzard of 2010....was an epic disappointment. I had visions in my head of Little House on the Prairie blizzards. Tying ropes around our waists to get to the barn so we wouldn't get lost kind of blizzards. Meh, I never even lost sight of the houses at the top of the block. What a bummer! The worst part was the B teased me about over reacting and that it wasn't going to be a big deal, I hate it when he's right =0P

A few days later though we got the follow up storm with lake effect snow and that was more like the storm I had in mind. 20" of fresh, fluffy, gloriously white snow! Which was absolutely stunning...until I realized that I had to leave the house and my driveway was more than knee deep in the white stuff *Sigh*

It took me two hours to snow blow my driveway. That was the first time I have ever used the snow blower myself, I usually leave that pleasure for B, but he was sleeping off his night shift.

The real problem however, was when the snow got between the man and his ability to set up his Christmas light display! NO WAY is he letting two feet of snow slow him down! Oh no, he'll just snow blow the front lawn *eyeroll*. And if you're thinking his legs are looking a little thin....well the man has put on a little weight this year and doesn't fit into his ski bibs anymore, so guess what he is wearing instead?

His hip waders! What a goof ball! I can only imagine the neighbors hiding behind their curtains laughing their hineys off at the weird guy across the street! He did get the lights hooked up to the computer last night, so the dancing lights have begun for 2010. We only have a few little details left to go until we are 100% finished. Sadly our display is missing a gingerbread house this year thanks to our thug neighbor kids who destroyed it, and with the cold weather, we haven't been able to build a new one yet (Too cold to paint), but it should be all ready for next year!


Sophia said...

Aww...well at least you GOT snow...I'm in Colorado and STILL waiting for my first dumping! tee hee :)

momofa2e said...

So I guess I shouldn't complain about the 5-6 inches we got. Wish we had a snow blower though. Shovelling snow off of a sloped driveway is not fun.