Friday, December 10, 2010

The perfect pillow

Years ago I found the perfect shirt for my youngest, it combined his favorite things; Orange, bears, and moose. Of course I HAD to buy it for him and it became his favorite shirt. The second it came out of the dryer he put it on, and if I would have let him get away with it, I am sure he would have worn it every single day.

Sadly, it's only a 6x and K is now 10 which means this shirt is too small for him, unfortunately that doesn't keep him from trying to wear it. So I told him today that if he would take it off, I would make a pillow for him and he could always keep it with him on his bed.

The trick to making a pillow out of a T-shirt is to baste it to muslin before you sew it together. That way, when you try to stuff it, the fabric isn't stretchy. If you don't baste it to muslin first, when you try to stuff your pillow, the fabric will stretch and your pillow will be very lumpy!

So here it is, a perfect pillow for a boy named Moose, who's favorite color is orange, and who's best friend is a bear!


Linda said...

Great pillow!

Patchwork and Play said...

Great pillow! I can see why he loved it so much and now he will have it for a few more years yet!