Saturday, January 1, 2011

Quilting, it's not just a girl sport!

A few months ago my middle child made his very first quilt block. Since then both of my other boys have been bugging me to let them make one too. I have put them off as long as I could, but today my oldest was having a rough day. He was feeling left out of the play while his two brothers had friends over.

I figured it was the perfect day for a little Mom/PK one on one time. We pulled out the scrap bins and he chose his colors, I threw together a rough sketch of a sailboat for him to sew and we spent the afternoon making a little quilt or pillow to put in his room.

He was pretty proud of himself but doesn't want to advertise his talents too much because he's afraid his friends might make fun of him.

I think he's pretty awesome =0)

I also got two blocks done today for my liberty quilt, the two I finished are the bottom right two. I did have a moment of panic on the bottom middle block when it said the little red and beige half square triangles should measure 2.5" and they were only 2" but happily figured out it was an error in the pattern. Then I had a second moment of panic when it said the block should measure 9.5" and it was only 9" thankfully just another error *Whew*


Kate said...

Hi Jeanette...I totally agree with you,,,,Quilting is not just a girls hobby...Your son did a fabulous job on his Yacht,,, I Hope he keeps interested,Happy New Year to you and your lovely family,,,Kate xxx

Sue said...

That's an awesome block and he should be so proud of himself. He shouldn't worry about what his friends say and just keep on doing what he seems to be very good at! We'll probably see some of his creations on some quilt magazines in the future :)