Saturday, April 30, 2011

Springy Mug Rugs

A new round of the mug rug swap has started. My partner asked for Linen, Texture, and Bright colors. I was playing around with ideas and thought of a ruched strip down the side and couldn't wait to try it out. I decided that since I'm not familiar with working with Linen I would make a sample one first and thank heavens I did because guess what? One of those freak things, I totally scorched it.

I said a bad word. In front of my Mother :O

The weird thing was that I tried to scorch it again, to try to even out the color and maybe save it somehow and no matter what I did, it wouldn't scorch again. SO WEIRD!

I was ready to just trash it and start over, but my mom suggested coffee dying it, adn since I just happen to have a HUGE (like gallon sized) baggie of instant coffee crystals from my "Primitive Decor" days, I thought....what the heck.

Guess what? It totally worked! I made some weak coffee and poured it into a squirt bottle, put it on mist, and sprayed evenly over the surface of the mug rug and Voila! you can't see the scorch mark anymore!

I'm really glad too because I love the way this mug rug turned out, even if my flickr friends say that it's a little too bright =0P

Now it's back to the drawing/design board to figure out something a little less bright for my expectant partner =0)


Amy Sorensen said...

well, *I* think your flickr friends are just rude! ;) I like the contrast of the coffee stain and the brights. SO cute!

Mals said...

That's cute! I'm jealous of your skills.

Mrs. JP said...

Love it! I'm making my mom one for mother's day!
Way to go with the coffee dye!

Anonymous said...

I think it's so fun... my daughter would love something like that..her favorite colors lime green n hot pink... I think you did a great job!!!

Monica (from veggie site.. lol)

DottieLou said...

how clever of your Mom... I love the bright..