Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Confessions of a failed Mormon Housewife

I don't know, I may even get kicked out of the church for this confession =0P but here goes.

I HATE cooking! I am horrible at it, I can take a perfectly well written and easy recipe, and totally screw it up.

I'm not kidding, I have been married 16 years and still can't make Jello (See why I have a lingering fear of excommunication? Can you be a Mormon and not be able to make Jello?, isn't that in the rule book somewhere?)

All kidding aside, I am a terrible cook, so I don't enjoy it. None of us like to do the things we suck at, right?

The bad news is, we eat out...a lot! Like seriously 5-6 times a week! It's BAD! I'm fat, I am teaching my kids terrible eating habbits, and if they didn't have metabolisms that function at warp speed, they would be fat too! I'm not doing their future 40 year old hearts any favors and IT HAS TO STOP!

So what is a girl to do? Why, beg for help of course!

I need to come up with some healthy recipes that even a kitchen moron with a house full of picky eaters can pull off.

We have very few go to recipes because no one in my house likes the same thing! So here is what I have on my list so far, I would like to come up with at least 30 meals so that we aren't eating the same thing over and over week after week (Cuz who wouldn't get sick of that?)

Family Faves
1-Flat Bread Pizza (This works well for us because we can use BBQ, Alfredo, or red sauce so everyone has something they like!)
2-Fajitas- Amazingly something we all like
3-Cowboy Dinners (You know the one, piece of meat, potatoes and carrots etc all wrapped up in tinfoil, sadly I screw these up more often than not!)
4-Grilled chicken/pork chops etc
5- BBQ Chicken wraps (usually using left over chicken from grilled chicken night)
6- Tuna Casserole (My family loves this, me...not so much)
7-Breakfast for dinner
8-Lasagna (Again, family fave but I don't like red sauce so I don't eat it)
9-Pulled Pork, or chicken sandwhiches

So you see, I'm a long way from 30 recipes. I feel frustrated. I hate to try new things because what if I put all this time/effort/money into something and no one likes it (Thinking of ham and cheese quiche here which had a violently negative response LOL I was the only one who thought that was even slightly edible.)

So, here comes the begging! Help me, what are some easy, healthy recipes that I can feed my picky family? They do NOT have adventerous tastebuds, nothing spicy, or exotic. I buy cookbooks and the things in them are so crazy that no one in my house would touch them. I was NORMAL, good old home cooking type ideas. I need something that will keep my family interested in dinner at home and not at McDonalds! I need healthy food before I die of a heart attack at 40! I need to stop spending so much money on eating garbage!

*Sigh* I wish I could just hire a personal chef LOL


Mrs. JP said...

Awwwwww, true confessions, I love it!

DottieLou said...

I wont tell about the Jello!!! Rileys fav dinner is chicken breast cut up in bite sized pieces breaded with flour and seasoning of your choice. Bake in oven they dont take long. Spinach egg noodles and broccoli. Good Luck Christian loves Hawaiian Haystacks.. this way the kids can top with with they like. If you need the recipe let me know. Jacelynn love potstickers... we just do the kind in the bag with the Panda on it (Costco)