Tuesday, August 23, 2011

DQS11 Received!

Well, round 11 of the Doll Quilt Swap is winding down. My little quilt has been mailed away, and my new little quilt has arrived.

I was so excited to open this, I knew exactly which one it was as soon as I saw the backing fabric! I loved this soft, sweet, little quilt. There is just something about it that gives me little heart sighs and I'm glad I get to keep it and hang it on MY wall, not be jealous because it went to someone else =0P

Isn't it darling?

She sent me fun little goodies as well! A little packet of scraps which I plan to use on a matching mug rug for my nightstand. Some new pins Hooray, a used needle case, and an adorable little pin cushion that went straight into my handwork bag =0) Now I will be able to take this little piece of happy along with me when I take my handwork.

Thank you SO MUCH to Adrienne for this darling quilt that I absolutely love!


Mrs. JP said...

Really cute quilt. Pinwheels are so much fun to make and the way she quilted is really nice. Still making mug rugs in the holler...

wowlovetera said...

This is so cool! Excited to see you starting to do stuff like this. I’m still just a hack, of course, but I learn so much when I get the chance to tag along when you’re shooting. Plus with your knowledge of photographing Viet Nam, this should be an amazing trip for people.

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Anonymous said...

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