Friday, August 19, 2011

Random things

My DQS11 quilt is all finished and ready to be mailed off in the next day or two. I am so pleased with how it turned out and I hope my partner loves it as much as I do.

My baby went off for his first day of sixth grade. Nothing makes you feel older than realizing it's your last year as an elementary school mom. And even harder because I don't work at his school anymore. I took a position in a Jr. High when they discontinued my reading program due to budget cuts.

We went to visit the UP! House. I could totally see myself living here, but it's massively overpriced! I can't see myself paying that much for a house this small!

I weeded my flowerbeds and took pictures of little friends found there, while PF stood at the ready with a bottle of bug spray in case any of the hornets came too close. I'm not sure a hornet sting would have the same effect as a bee sting, but he wasn't taking any chances! And for the record, ant spray will drop a hornet like a hot rock, but doesn't kill it.

Watched a beautiful sunset.

How was your week?

PS Mrs. JP, I always want to respond to your sweet comments, but I can't comment on your blog (says I'm not allowed) and I want to see pictures of your mug rugs!


Mrs. JP said...

OH,,,you are an inspiration! Let me tell you all my aunts have received a mug rug, they are strewn about the house, I'm making sets to put in my neighbors Christmas baskets. Love them!!! I want to do a blog post that says "she started it!" and put a link to your blog. I'm lazy so it'll be next week. Also, I'm looking thru my recipe file and you may receive an e-mail from me.
I don't understand bloggy world. I don't want to be difficult :O)
Have a great weekend...maybe you'll see another one of those gorgeous sunsets!

Kendell said...

Oooooh! When you mail your cute mug rug, will you mail my books, too? (Cause...I'm really hoping they're not lost in the mail somewhere!)