Saturday, June 23, 2012

Magnets and Mug Rugs

I know you're not very surprised but I joined in on a few more swaps!

First up is round two of the RATZ swap, our theme this time around was Magnets. I had so much fun making these, who knew magnets could be so fun! Now I need to make a set just for me =0)

I started out with the little mini tomato pin cushion, then made the red pinwheel, and the blue four patch. I wanted something to go with them and found these incredible vintage sewing machine clip arts prints online. All in all I think it will be a fun little package for her to receive. I hope she likes them.
 I also received this darling little patriotic mug rug from MamaCJT. If you don't know her, this woman is amazing, she cranks out high volumes of whatever we are swapping that round and they are all amazing. She is very generous and is a swap angel almost every round, meaning she sends out packages to people who for whatever reason don't receive theirs. Or for goofballs, like me, who miss the sign ups! Isn't she sweet? Now I need to come up with something that is worthy of her. I think she's awesome!

In other news, last week was the Shop Hop. Fifteen stores across the Wasatch Front, in four days. It has become a yearly thing that we all look forward to. We have so much fun. My mom's best friend comes from Alabama every year to go with us, and her daughter Amy has now started to fly in from Colorado every year to join us as well. Making us a party of eight. We really have a good time and spend LOTS of money. But this year I didn't take any pictures! Don't know what I was thinking. I was too busy having fun and shopping I guess =0)

Hope you are all having a great Summer. See you soon =0)