Friday, June 8, 2012

Quilty Gifts

In between the million and three swaps I had going at the same time, I did some non-swap sewing as well.

A year or two ago, I made my dad a mug rug for Father's Day. Apprently it is a HUGE hit at his work! People stop by his desk all the time to admire it and comment on it. One lady asked my dad if he thought  would be willing to make one just like it for her dad for Father's Day and offered to pay me to make it for her. I don't normally do that because like I said in the previous post, non-quilters just don't get it! But the price this lady offered showed me that she did, in fact, understand all he time and work that went into making something like that by hand, and for my dad, I agreed to make one for her. I am happy to say, she genuinely loved it and was so thrilled with the result. I can't wait to hear what her dad has to say about it!

I made a little carseat quilt for my cousin who is having her first baby boy. And I daresay that this will be the last quilt I make for a non-quilter. It's just not worth it to me to put all the time and effort into something that they won't appreciate. She didn't even look at it, or acknowledge it. It just made me really sad. I am glad I went for something simple and small rather than a full blown, labor intensive quilt.

And last, but not least, my mom's quilt for Mother's Day. We were at the fabric store together and she really liked this fabric. She had it in her arms then put it back and said "I really love it, but I don't know what I would do with it. So I took it, and picked a few coordinating fabrics and bought them. I can't believe she was surprised to open it and find out I had used the fabrics to make something for her LOL. They are obviously not my colors (I tend to go for really bright colors) and I am happy with how this little quilt turnd out. It's about 42" square and is made to go on her dining room table. Sorry, I took these pictures before I had the bindng finished, but it's bound in the blue marbley print.

My plans for this summer are to complete some UFO's and make (finish) something for ME! I tend to send away everything that I make and while my house is full of quilts, none of them were made by me. So, my goal is to make something just for me. I have made a new little wall quilt top for my living room to replace the one I made several years ago when my decor scheme was primitive/country. This new quilt is so bright and happy, I can't wait to finish it and hang it in the living room, it will add so much color! On top of that I have the RW&B quilt that I finished the blocks for the other day. It's super simple, almost embarassingly so, but I love it so much, and several drawers full of UFO's that I want to finish at least a few before school starts again.

Have a great summer =0)


gale said...

All beautiful projects. Funny how so many are crazy about that mug rug (probably mostly non quilters) and then one doesn't even appreciate the carseat quilt that took so much effort and time. I try to be selective about who I make things for. I have a pretty good idea of who would appreciate them so far so I just make things for those people. When I've made handmade gifts for certain other people they don't even seem to care so I quit. I recently made a baby quilt for my dd's speech therapist, not sure if she would 'get it', but she loved it and vowed to try quilting herself. That's the kind of reaction I love.

Shanae said...

All fantastic projects! Glad you found someone who appreciates all the hard work and skill you put into your projects.