Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Argh, there be Pirates here

I started this quilt way back when for a swap. It was a Disney swap and my partner's son liked pirates. I came up with this wicked awesome idea and I was so excited!

I tried black wool felt and I just didn't like it, it wasn't BLACK! Mickey ears have to be black, not dingy gray!

So, I did a bad thing, and I used acrylic felt to make my mickey ears (Fabric just wouldn't have been the same right? Right?) and then I goofed. I goofed BAD! I ironed the felt!

Ack, melted felt all over my iron, and melted felt all over my quilt! I didn't have time to create this quilt all over again, it was all but done and the deadline was fast approaching so I chucked it in a corner and moved on to plan B.

Well, it's been a year or two and this pathetic pirate with his melted ear was really bugging me, so I got out the scissors and carefully trimmed away the melted part and attached a new ear. You can't even tell! I'm so excited because I was so pleased with how this quilt turned out! 

I'm glad my little quilt has a new life. Now I just have to figure out what to do with him!