Friday, September 14, 2012

Progress Report

It seems like it has been ages since I have had any good, quality time to spend in my sewing room. B's schedule has changed and he now gets home from work somewhere between three and five. While I love having him around more, it's been hard because I'm not getting any ME time. I'm a home body, B is not. If he's off work, he wants to be out and about doing something. Which means no sewing time for me, I feel like I am never at home anymore!

Anyway, onto the progress report.
I started sewing this quilt a while back to go into a little wagon that sits on top of a cabinet in my living room. For the past several years it has held a little primitive quilt and while I love that little quilt, it no longer fits in with my brighter, no longer primitive, decor. I needed something new up there. I had found a quilt on pintrest that I fell in love with and wanted to replicate on a smaller scale.

I got to spend lots of time with this little darling while taking care of my mom after her surgery, and on various road trips, but I can't sew for very long, my hands cramp up and get very painful. This little quilt was taking FOREVER!

I decided I needed a plan B, a little quilt I could put together quickly that could add charm to my little wagon until I could get my tiny Flower Garden completed. So, I started my little Great Granny quilt and now I have another problem. I think I like this little quilt more! So, I think I will keep going on this quilt and put it in the wagon, and put the flower garden on the wall or something.

The two newest blocks are the two on the left, I have three more to go then I can start assembling this little quilt.

I also received my name tag swap, all the way from Germany! Isn't it cute? Cherries <3 p="p">