Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Sorry, I know I've gone missing again.

My poor old dinosaur of a computer finally gave up and died on me. The good news is, I got a new computer right away (We had been expecting this), the bad news is that my photo program that I have used for the last 15 years to edit, resize etc my photos is not compatible with my new operating system and it's so old that they don't make patches for it anymore *Sigh*

I am a wee bit overwhelmed at the idea of using a new photo editing program. And even more overwhelmed at the idea of paying for it *Ugh*! I guess it's time to break down and join the modern world with photo shop. I just really hate the idea of starting all over.

So, until I get a new program, pictures around here will be scarce, despite the fact that I'm sewing up a storm =0) I joined a TON of swaps and have lots of projects to share if I can ever make them small enough to upload to the blog.


gale said...

I agree-I have a love/hate thing for new computers for this very reason. Fun to get something new but what a pain to reload everything and then half of it doesn't work. When I first got windows 7, I cried and wanted to go back to windows xp. I think I felt the same when I first got xp. You can download photoshop elements for a 30 day trial. It's a nice program and will probably be on sale sometime before Christmas. In fact, I think I saw a deal for it from costco.