Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Reading: Nothing. I know, it's crazy.


Watching: Downton, Reign, Nashville

  Procrastinating: Dinner preparation. I really need a personal chef, just sayin'

Wanting: The last tiny bit of fabric I need to finish my Valentine wreath (That is what I was procrastinating last week =0P)

Craving- A broken X-box. The sound of Halo in the background makes me CRAZY

Wearing: Khaki Capris and a red shirt.
Relieved by: Finally having my sewing room put together and having a ME space again.

Stressing about: Cleaning out my grandma's house next week. She has been gone for a few months now but someone cleaning out her house seems so final.
Missing: My babies. I wish I could jump back in time to when they were little and needed me to kiss boo boos and make all the monsters go away. I miss snuggling with babies in footie jammies

Addicted to: Sugar. I was doing so well and then Christmas happened.

Trying: to give up soda...again


Annoyed by: Teen's and their snotty tones.

Feeling guilty about: The fact that I thought my mom turned 64 this year and I totally dropped the ball on her milestone 65th birthday

Tired of: Dreary days. I need some sunshine!

Thankful for: Tender mercies and the messages they send.

Enjoying: My job. It's a lot of fun right now and I have made a new friend at work.


Looking forward to: Next year, when all of this stressful stuff will be behind me. I will have a great new job where I will get to see my kids every day, a beautiful new house that is all put together and decorated, and no more major events on the horizon.

Suffering from: apathy

Hoping: For Spring. I love snow, but I’m ready for some COLOR and to be outside for a while without freezing to death.

Going to school every morning and playing in the band with my twins.

Proud of myself for:
Making big choices and handling stressful things without having a panic attack. This month has been a doozy and not a single Xanax has been taken! My therapist would be proud (If I was still speaking to her!)