Thursday, June 12, 2014

Zippered Project Pouch

The pattern for this project pouch was the finishing prize for our local Quilt Shop Hop a couple of years ago. I never made it because...well, it involves a zipper and I am terrified of zippers!

When I was in South Dakota a in October, mom and I hit the local quilt shops while dad was at work and I found this quilting themed fabric there. I knew instantly what I wanted to use it for, and I finally got around to making this cute little bag.

I kinda winged it on the zipper, but I think it turned out ok and this little bag will be handy to keep my stitching in when we go camping next month. The raw edges showing through the plastic window go against every perfectionistic grain in my body and I'm pretty sure I will end up putting bias tape over those before too long, but for now I'm counting this as a finished project.