Thursday, June 12, 2014

Playing Catch Up

I had this insane idea that if I wanted to start blogging again, I had to go back and fill you in on everything that has happened since I stopped blogging and all that has done is keep me from blogging because I just don't have it in me to fill in all the blanks. I'm going to do it bullet point style which will ease my guilt and allow me to move on.

*We built a house (I KNOW! I never thought I would own my own home either, I still can't quite believe it!)
*We moved
*I got a new job (Same job, different location) which made me freak out and go all panic attacky
*I got to spend a week in South Dakota, just my parents and I, It was AWESOME!
*I saw Mount Rushmore, it was awesome too
*My grandma died (It was long, drawn out and emotionally devastating)
*We cleaned out my grandma's house which made me see some family members in a whole new light, still trying to get over that one.
*Started and finished a first school year in a brand new school, it was so much fun, and so much work, and so much stress but I learned so many new things. It's been a great experience.
*My boss and friend retired and I get to adjust to a new boss (Hoping we get along as well as my previous boss and I did, I was lucky to have such a great boss)
*My other grandma is sick, she's not doing well, has dementia and I can't deal with the thought of losing her too
*I've made some crafty stuff

So there ya go, my past year in a nutshell.

Current on my list...
*Getting our dang lawn put in. I'm tired of living in weeds!
*Going camping with my family for the 4th of July
*Spending the summer with my boys and relishing every minute because we don't have too many of these summers left before they move on and leave me behind
*Making some crafty things (Lots of fun stuff on my "Want to do" list)
*Getting my house put together so it actually looks like someone lives here (I have the hardest time putting holes in walls that have never had holes in them before!)
*Planting flowers, lots and lots of flowers!

Current issues
*Allergies (Oy, worst in years, I couldn't even open my eyes yesterday because my eyelids were so swollen)

So, how have you been since we chatted last?