Friday, January 25, 2008

I am totally bummed! B's work is totally SLAMMED! Their product is sold out for the next ten years, they are working like mad to stay caught up and they don't have enough people. In the last six months he has had to work mandatory over time on almost every single day off. Luckily they can't make him work more than 15 days in a row so he does get a rare day off.

And with the boys back in school, I have been going crazy wandering around this empty house by myself so I made all these plans for next week. Monday, I have a meeting with the school psychologist and K's teacher. He is a discipline problem in school and we are going to put him on a behavior contract. He says he hates his teacher and wants to transfer out of her class. Sorry, no can do pal! You need to stay where you are and learn how to behave, your teacher is not the problem!

Tuesday, I actually don't have any plans. YAY

Wednesday, volunteering at the boy's school for Green Ribbon week "Walk to School Day".

Thursday, have a sub job

Friday, Volunteering at the boys school for their book celebration. (have to plan a party around books between now and then! YIKES)

So wouldn't it figure that since I have a million and one things to do (including get the boys hair cut for school pictures, help with the school fund raiser stuff now that it is all turned in etc) that an oven at DH's work breaks. It is going to be about 10 days before they can get it up and running again and all OT is now cancelled. AAAAAAAAARGH! The ONE week I actually have nearly every second planned for, he finally has a couple days off. *sigh* And he is NOT happy with the fact that I am going to be gone most of the time either.

He may have the opportunity to go to Spain in a couple months. They are opening a new branch in Europe to ease some of the load and cut down on over seas shipping expenses. They need people to go to Spain and train them on how to do their jobs. DH applied to go with my encouragement. I told him "If I was given the opportunity to go to some place amazing for a bit, I would really want to go and hope you would be supportive of me."

He said "Are you sure you can handle things without me for a month or two?" Ummmmm "Yeah dear, I pretty much do anyway, you are NEVER here." He seems to think I won't be able to handle life alone without him. Yeah, cuz he's always around when I need him .

I have super saturday tomorrow. I am so sick of super saturday I will just be glad when it's over. I am not looking forward to being at the church all dang day either. I have to be there at 8:00 am to set up, and the last class starts at 4:00 pm, which means it will hopefully be over around 5 and we can be all cleaned up and out of there by 7:00 pm at the latest. Sounds about as fun as getting hit by a train to me.

And I don't even get to participate because I am the enrichment leader so I am going to be running around like a chicken with my head cut off making sure everyone else has a good time and is fed.

The good news is this is my last project where I am in charge, they called a new Enrichment leader and I will just be her assistant. Now she can try to find people to help! Everyone keeps telling me the best part of being the leader is that you get to delegate, but that doesn't work because no one ever follows through and does what they are supposed to, so in the end, the leader ends up doing it all anyway and at the last possible second because heaven forbid anyone should call ahead of time and say "Hey, I am just not able to get this done". I am sooooo glad they called a new Enrichment Leader "Big sigh of relief"