Friday, January 25, 2008

Random Thoughts

The Yahoo! Smiley…

Every morning when I log into Yahoo! Instant messenger the little smiley guy starts out sleeping, then kind of bounces and gets a huge smile on his face like he is really happy to see me. I can just hear him saying “Hey, It’s YOU! I’m so happy to see you, so glad you came!” In my mind I like to pretend I am the only one he grins at so charmingly. That I am special and he is so happy to see me he just can’t help but smile from ear to ear just because I have arrived.

The Tooth Fairy….

What is up with this chick? It’s a little disturbing if you think about it. Here is this little critter, no one knows how big she is because no one has ever really seen her. Is she human sized? Or typical fairy sized? What the heck does she want with all those teeth? Does she have a house and furniture built from nothing but gleaming white little children’s teeth? What about the ones with cavities? What does she do with those? Or “gasp” a silver filling? Are they less valuable because they mar the gleaming white tooth fairy castle with their dark dull ugliness? If you are going to have a pure white castle, where do the sliver fillings fit in?

And if she didn’t build her home from children’s teeth, what does she do with them? I mean think about it? Millions of children around the world and she collects all their teeth? That is a LOT OF TEETH! Or is there a whole civilization of little tooth fairies, and unlike Santa Claus she isn’t in this all on her own. Are there whole cities built from teeth? Or do they grind them up and make milk out of them, is that why they call them milk teeth?

I don’t know, the whole idea just bothers me, and quite frankly I think it’s a little gross. Teeth give me the heebie jeebies. I can’t stand to watch my kids wiggle teeth in their mouth; it gives me that little jolt of adrenaline that you get when you see someone who has been hurt. I hate that feeling. And then, the nasty little things FALL OUT! And here I am stuck holding a little lump of something that used to be a part of my child. Eeewww! Would we still think it was so cute if our children went around loosing fingers and toes at odd moments? “LOOK MOM! I lost a FINGER! YAY, I am going to put it under my pillow for the finger fairy!!” UGH, just makes me ill, the whole idea of my children losing body parts and trading them for money!

Not to mention the chick is a bit of a flake! Half the time she doesn't even show up and my child will have to place his tooth under his pillow several nights in a row before she actually gets around to gracing us with her sublime presence. Are we somehow less important than all the other kids who actually get the tooth fairy on the first night? Is it because we live on the very edge of the city and she just doesn't make it all the way out here? Is there some sort of Bat signal we should shoot up into the sky to let her know we have a tooth over here?

Sick children and behavior problems…..

My youngest son (age 7) is home sick today. The twins haven’t even left for school yet and already I have heard at least ten times “Moooooom, I’m booooooored” can I just say, today is gonna SUCK! Wonder if I can find some good cough medicine that will knock his butt out for a couple of hours.

He brought home a really nasty note from his teacher yesterday about how he was being disruptive and causing problems in class and his behavior is UNACCEPTABLE. Yes, she actually capitalized the word. I would like to believe it is because he was coming down with a cold and had not gotten much sleep the night before because we didn’t get home from our trip until after ten (three hours past his normal bedtime) and he was up coughing all night so he was just sleep deprived. Hopefully keeping him home today, letting him catch up on his rest and get on top of this cold will help things out. Otherwise I don’t know what I am going to do. This is the third such note in the last two weeks. Maybe it is just adjusting to a new school year; maybe he is out of his normal routine and needs an adjustment period. Either way, I hope this doesn’t continue. I had major problems with his brother last year and I can’t take another year of behavior problems in school, I just don’t have it in me.

I hate change….

I really like our neighborhood. This is the friendliest neighborhood we have ever lived in, the first time our neighbors have actually spoken to us instead of ignoring us as they rush into their houses to avoid having to make eye contact or have a conversation.

That being said, two of the neighbors that I really like put their houses on the market this week. It makes me sad to think of them moving away, not seeing them every day and my son’s loosing their friends. The way the housing market is, and the “creative” loans that were used to get people into houses they really can’t afford… I think I am going to loose many more friends before this is all over. Half of the houses in our neighborhood have a for sale sign in front of them. Our neighborhood is about five years old and that is right when everyone was out buying houses with 80/20, arm, and sub-prime loans. It is going to get ugly and it’s going to get ugly FAST.

I remember when B and I were looking to build several years ago, and all the pressure that was exerted to get us to build a house we simply could not afford. We went into it knowing exactly what we could afford and they were trying to push us to build a house that was $20,000 over what we could afford. Thank heavens we knew enough to walk away, thank heavens we did our homework and knew what we could handle before we went in, or we might have believed them when they said we could afford much more house than we really could. Thank heavens we didn’t sign up for one of the loans they tried to push us into. I think it would be much worse to have a home of your own and loose it, than it would be to just remain a renter for a while longer and not be put in that position.

The sad part is, with the market the way it is, and with house rates so high, at this point it is looking like we are going to rent forever *sigh*