Friday, January 25, 2008

You make my day

I belong to a message board, an online community of women who share common interests.

About a week or so ago there was a thread titled "Has some random person ever just totally made your day" or something similar to that LOL.

I shared a story about a woman who was my angel when the twins were born. She brought me so much comfort and had a deep impact on my life.

The thread fell off the main page and I forgot all about it until today, someone brought it back up to the top. I decided to check in again because they are feel good stories and I could really use a boost today.

As I was browsing through I found a story, written by a girl that I had met once before and felt the need to lend some support to during a difficult time. Her story, on the thread, was about ME and two other women and how much she appreciated our presence at a painful time in her life.

I am not writing about this to brag that I did some noble deed or anything like that. I truly felt a calling to go to her when she needed me. But to hear her express gratitude and call me her angel could not have come at a better time.

Just when I feel like I am a waste of space, God takes a moment to remind me that I do indeed have a purpose on this earth. That I am His handmaiden, here to do His bidding and serve His children.

I have tears in my eyes again today, not tears of futility and feelings of worthlessness, but tears of gratitude for a gentle reminder that all of God's children have their special place on this earth and are here for maybe more than we think.