Friday, January 25, 2008

Introducing Foo

Foo comes to us through my sister in law. I am sure she will be livid when she finds out Foo's name is no longer Izzy but such is life, she'll get over it

So here is the story. I have a seven year old (then six) who is rarely seen without his pointer and middle fingers in his mouth. We have tried EVERYTHING to break this kid of sucking his fingers, all the way down to bribing him with his hearts desire... a hamster.

Insert older brother, then seven, now eight, a CONSTANT nail biter, so bad that when he ran out of fingernails he started on his toe nails So he says "Hey mom, if I quit biting my fingernails can I have a hamster" Me.."Sure dude, if you do it I will get you a hamster but you have to stop biting them long enough for me to be able to cut them twice, then if you go back to biting them the hamster goes back too!"

I figured I was safe, this kid has been biting his fingernails since he was ONE. Yep, ONE! Even his doctor said he had never seen a kid bite their nails that young.

No way did I ever think we would be buying this kid a hamster.

Shock of my life, he quit biting that day and hasn't done it since! Blow me over with a sneeze.

So we head off to the pet store and it's around Easter and they have these huge cages full of baby rabbits and baby chicks. Preston instantly decides that a hamster isn't what he wants, he wants a rabbit!

Me-"Umm sorry dude, the deal was for a hamster, it's a hamster or nothing"

DH-"Sure, if you want a rabbit, we'll get a rabbit"

UGH UGH UGH UGH UGH! Honey, I said hamster because hamsters life for like 2 years and they are like $6! Rabbits live for like TEN years and are like $50!!!!

Big dork!

Well, DH had a friend at work with a gestating rabbit so she offered to give us one for free. DS has his heart set on a black and white rabbit that he can name "Cookie". When the babies were born, they were all black. DS was disappointed to say the least and we didn't get one of her rabbits.

Then SIL finds out that we are looking into getting a rabbit and generously offers hers. They bought their DD a rabbit and it was a cherished pet for all of one month, then niece decided it isn't that cool after all and it has been shoved to a dark back corner of their garage for several months.

DH couldn't stand to see it in there so he brought it home and we now have Foo, the newest member of our family. She is a doll and her favorite food is raddish greens.

PS, this is DAD'S rabbit, not Preston's. Preston is still waiting patiently for his black and white Cookie.