Friday, January 25, 2008


I took this photo from the top hill of the Colossus. This ride has always seemed so thrilling but was somehow anticlimactic this year.... go figure.

The great thing about wicked opening right next to it is that the usual hour long wait for Colossus didn't happen this year, we rode it five times and pretty much walked right on every time. I think our longest wait was about five minutes. If you look at the post above the Colossus is the big blue roller coaster in the middle with the two yellow loops.

Wild Mouse is the small purple and yellow roller coaster with all the switchbacks on top. I DESPISE the Wild Mouse. The switch backs have really steep corners and I just KNOW that one of these days we are going to go flinging around one of these corners and break neck speed and despite their reassurances, my little mouse car will come off the track and I will go plummeting to my death! I HATE THE WILD MOUSE! I went on the wild mouse with Karson and he actually sang the whole time the ride was going. What was he singing? I hate this riiiide, I hate this riiiide! LMBO Child after my own heart.

We go on this ride every year, and every year we say "Why do we go on this ride? We all hate it! We are NOT going on Wild Mouse next year!"

Ironicly, I LOVED this ride as a child and my parents hated it and tried to talk us out of going. I am understanding more and more why they hated this ride LOL.