Friday, January 25, 2008

Who do you envy, and why?

So this is my journaling prompt for today.

I am not really sure that there is a whole person that I envy. I envy bits and pieces of people.

I envy Melissa's ability to keep her house spotless at all times, I have never even come close, I can't keep mine spotless for one whole day LOL

I envy Kim's ability to survive despite the life altering blow of losing her child.

I envy my DH's ability to make anything out of wood. I am a very lucky girl, I show him a piece of furniture, or a decorative thing, that I want, and he can just disappear into his shop for a while and come back with something beautiful.

I admire my SIL's ability to overcome the things that she has overcome in her life. Teen parenthood, addictions, she is a strong woman. I also admire her generosity, she will give anything to anyone, they don't even have to ask.

I envy Sister Figlioli's faith. She just radiates with spirituality.

I envy my sister's..... I don't even know what to call it. If she wants to do something, she does it. She doesn't let her own insecurities or issues stand in her way, she just goes for it. Like opening a booth at the craft mall, starting her own business, making a quilt out of yo yo's (see post below, I still think she's crazy for that one LOL).

I envy Shelly's (My neighbor) friendliness. She is friends with everyone on the street and she just talks to everyone like she has known them forever. I wish I could be like that.

I envy Sandy's ability to multi-task. Holy cow, the woman could run the country single handedly. I get overwhelmed by one project and she just takes on the world and never cracks under the pressure.

I envy my MIL's ability to keep her life to herself. I have a bad day and I have to tell everyone I know about it. MIL could be dying of cancer and no one would ever know because she just carries all her burdens quietly.

I imagine the perfect person, the one that you could go around and pick all the best characteristics of everyone out there and combine them all into one person and what that person would be like, then I realize that I already know.

He died on a cross.

For me, and all my imperfections. Thank Heavens!