Friday, January 25, 2008


Ok, so about a month ago my sister tells me that she has decided to make a bed spread, KING SIZE, out of Yo yo's. Well hello, I am who I am, and I love all things vintage and you would think I would be right on board with this right? NO WAY!!!!

I think she is totally bonkers, do you know how many yo yo's she would need to make a king size bed spread? Yikes, I can't even begin to calculate.

So while I was there over the fourth we started talking and in the end she decided that rather than make the whole thing out of yo yo's she would make the center panel out of yo yo's with a solid fabric band around the edges, that way no one would be sitting on the delicate yo yo's and pulling them apart. Good plan. We figure she will need at least 600 yo yo's to accomplish this. She is almost half way there! Go Shanae!!

And of course, since I am a lemming, guess what? Yep, I am hip deep in a yo yo project. Man, I have no resistance! Although I have to say it did take her a week or two to wear me down this time, but the clincher?

During the shop hop I went to Quilt's Etc. (love that store and all the ladies in it) and they were demonstrating the Clover Yo Yo maker. K, I love yo yo's but I am too dang lazy to make them! Because for a standard yo yo you have to follow these steps

#1Trace the circle onto the fabric

#2 cut out all the little circles

#3 fold the edge over

#4 stitch a wide running stitch around the edges

#5 pull to gather

#6 knot off.

With this lovely yo yo maker from clover you

#1 snap the fabric into the disk (I have found that if you have your fabric cut in 1/8 of a yard strips it is the perfect size)

#2 trim

#3 Sew in the little smileys

#4 Gather

#5 knot

I can whip out about three yo yo's to her one. In the last week (granted I have been in bed with a kidney stone so have had much free time) I have made over 150 yo yo's.

My end project will be a little round bolster pillow for my bed, I want it very shabby chic looking. I think it is going to be awesome!