Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Aaaaah the joys of motherhood!

My squids on the first day of school. They are the one in the orange backpack and the two in front of him. Aren't they so cute? Going off to conquer the world!

So I have spent the last two hours pacing, and endlessly dialing the phone number for the transportation dispatch, only to hear "We are unable to take your call right now due to high call volume, please try your call again later."

Yeah, so there I was, it was WAY past the time when the bus should have brought my babies home. They other bus had come and gone more than 25 minutes ago, and even then they were running slow.

Could it have been due to the blizzard outside? Ya think?

So I finally get through to dispatch when my children are about an hour late coming home and find out that their bus has crashed. Luckily nothing major, they swerved to avoid another accident and lost control causing them to slide off the road.

Putting my children on a bus is a huge thing, I am still traumatized by the day our bus crashed when I was in Jr. High. The thought of putting my tiny children on a great big bus, it was just scary for me. Now I remember why.

Anyway, here I am pacing and praying that my children are ok, that they aren't scared, and that they will make it home safely.

My prayers were answered. My babies are home safe and sound.

And PK bless his little cotton pickin' soul has been screaming at me ever since.

I don't know what his issue is, if he handles grief or fear by turning it into rage, or what but he has been unbearable to be around for the last few days. If he isn't beating up one of his brothers, he is screaming, if he isn't screaming he is throwing things, if he isn't throwing something he is ramming his bed into the wall.

We went through this with him last year. This is the reason we put our Foster Parent certification on hold, because he was loosing his grasp on his temper there for a while.

So far for the past year he has been doing so well, back to my well adjusted, even tempered child.

I hope that wasn't just a honeymoon period, I hope that was the rule and this angry child is the exception.

It breaks my heart to see him so angry and upset all the time.

Please just let me have my cute, funny little boy back.

Most of all, even if he is so angry I want to run screaming for the closet, thank you for letting him and his brothers come home safely.