Friday, February 15, 2008

Good News!

I have Great news! Our landlord has decided to take our house off the market, we go today to sign a new lease. Yay, that big ugly for sale sign is coming down.

Now that I am not worried about finding somewhere to live, I can get back to sewing.

I have started my 1930's quilt and hope to have something to show you soon.

I have missed my trusty little sewing machine and can't wait to get reacquainted, but first, I have to clean my house, it is SCARY!

For the three weeks grandpa was in the hospital I was spending most of my time there and then just coming home to sleep. Plus I had people staying with me. And between that and never being here, the house just got wildly out of control. I hope to do some rapid spiffing today, get the mess under control then get back to sewing.

So hang tight, I will have something to show soon.

And now that we actually have time again, maybe we can finally get the outdoor Christmas decor taken down. The red door is definately ready to go. I need to get my green St. Patty's one put up! Speaking of St. Patty's, I need to start figuring out the boys birthdays yikes!