Thursday, February 14, 2008

An Open Letter to Mother Nature...

Dear Mother Nature,
The song goes "I'm dreaming of a white CHRISTMAS!" With all due respect, Christmas is over, enough with this winter wonderland crap! I can't take it anymore. I know this is all because I was telling my kids that they had never seen a "Real" winter, that the miniscule bits of snow that fall and melt the same day do not really count, and that when I was a kid we had snowbanks, in the front yard, that were so tall that if you were stupid enough, and had a death wish, you could actually touch the power lines.

And don't get me wrong, I do appreciate the beauty of an all white world. The graceful lines made by the blowing snow. Not to mention the MUCH needed water supply come spring. But there are many downsides to snow as well. Such as my husband sending the boys in at un-happy hours of the morning to tell me I have to get out of bed and go shovel the driveway.

And I was a good wife, I got up immediately and went out to shovel, and I shoveled that whole driveway by myself, while B just sat and watched and made fun of my technique, and no, my wonderful awesome dad, couldn't be bothered to bring his big hulking snow blower over in his 4W drive truck to help. No, I slaved away for hours and hours and didn't get one little bit of help.

Ok, so you know that isn't true, but really, B and I did get a large portion of the driveway shoveled before Dad showed up with the snowblower (The snow was taller than the snowblower in some places). And we are sure glad he did because we were both about dead by that point.

And after they both left for work, I did shovel the entire front walk by myself. Which wasn't such a fun time, but an accomplishment none the less. And I still have the entire sidewalk left to do.

I wish they had closed the schools today, but no, we live in Utah, unless the snow is taller than your house, school WILL be open, don't even ask if it will be closed.

K cried and begged me to let him stay home today. He was a bit traumatized by the bus crash yesterday, and by the news last night that there were schools with students trapped that couldn't go home and they were spending the night. He was terrified that he would have to spend the night at school.

I explained to him that while the two of the three roads to his school are closed right now, it is no longer snowing, and by the time school is out, they will have the roads cleared and he will be able to get home just fine. And if for some reason he can't get home, Uncle J lives by his school and I will send Uncle J in his great big strong truck to get him and he can sleep over at his house. Poor kid, I think this has all upset him more than I thought. The other two thought it would be cool to sleep over at the school *eyeroll*

Anyway, all this to say... I was so excited when I looked out my window the last day or two and could see grass, it gave me hope that spring was right around the corner. That soon I would see little tulip, and crocus, heads pushing through the last remnants of snow but alas, it wasn't meant to be.

So in closing dear Mother Nature, can we please be done now? I am getting shoveler's hump. *Sigh*

The end.

PS, here is a picture of K in front of the snowbank this morning. All of this snow seen here was physically picked up and moved by human beings and piled here. It's too much I tell ya.