Sunday, February 3, 2008

This is why I hate to shop at Joann!!

So, on our way up to the hospital today to visit my grandpa, my mom decides she wants to stop at Joann because they have Ott lights on sale for 50% off.

I hate Joann! I really do! First of all, shouldn't it be Joann's? I digress...

So we go in and while she is wandering around trying to find the specific style of light she wants I wander over to look at the fabric. It's $1.00, per yard, off. YAY I love a deal.

So I select about five or six bolts, I got four reds, two blues and one pink (yeah, I really can add and I am aware that that totals seven ) and head for the cutting counter.

I tell the girl, I need a quarter of a yard as I hand her the first bolt. I notice she cuts it a little large and I figure there must have been a flaw or something, I don't think beyond that.

Hand her the next one "Quarter of a yard please" she again cuts it larger. Hmmmmmm

Hand her the next one "A quarter of a yard please" and she looks at me and says "You don't want a third?"

"Ummmm no, quarter is fine"

"Oh, well I just figured since you got a third of these other two reds...."

"Ummmm no, I wanted a quarter."

"No, you said a third"

I look at my mom with a question on my face and she says "No, you said a quarter"

So the girl gets this rather stressed look on her face and says "Do you want me to re cut these for you? I can re cut them...."

"No, they are fine, just leave them"

So she takes the bolt I just handed her, measures a quarter of a yard and makes a little snip, slides it over to the cutting track, then stands there for a second looking confused. Then she slides it back over to the ruler, measures again and makes another snip a little further over, then slides it back to the cutting track again. Cuts on the first mark, making a quarter of a yard cut, which she then wads up and tosses under the counter, then slides the bolt over to the second slit, cutting on the 1/3 of a yard mark, folds it and adds it to my pile


So now, I have extra (not enough extra to actually be able to do anything with it mind you) of three red fabrics, she did manage to cut my fourth red at 1/4 of a yard.

The part that annoyed me isn't that she cut my fabric wrong, but that she argued with me even after my mother verified that I had indeed said I needed a quarter of a yard.

See, this is why I don't shop at Joann! They have phenomenally POOR customer service. I won't even tell you about the girl who told my mom she would have to just "Look around" when she asked where the Ott lights were. They are the Walmart of the craft world!