Thursday, March 27, 2008

10 Greatest Joys

Today absolutely nothing noteworthy happened. I went to work as my usual Thursday Sub job. Basically what this is, is they bring four sub teachers into the school and we spend 45 minutes in each class in each grade. So for example, from 11:05-11:50 there is a sub for each of the fifth grade teachers so that they can meet with each other and plan their curriculum so that they are all teaching the same things at the same times, it also gives the teachers a chance to share ideas, get advice for problems in the classroom, and come up with new programs for their classes.

So two thursdays a month I go to school and spend 45 minutes in each grade. I love it, it lets me get to know all the kids in the school so that when I sub in their classes I know the kids and I know how the teachers run the classrooms, no funny business!

After school I came home, did homework, PK had a meltdown because he hates to read and I am doing a reading program at home with him. He is very low in reading, and has come so far since we started this tutoring program. The only problem is, Mom is his tutor and he doesn't think he should have to do it *sigh* But sadly our resource teachers are so overcrowded that children like my son fall through the cracks. Too bad for him he has a mom who is willing to do it all at home =0P But....he started third grade at an early first grade reading level, having to consistently sound out words like the, and his. And now he is only two levels below average grade level, he is actually considered low grade level YAY PK, you are reading like a rock star! (Yes, I am aware that that doesn't make sense LOL)

Anyway, now that I have typed a novel about how nothing happened today, I am moving on to my life writting prompt for the day.

#37 (chosen at random) my ten greatest joys
#1 MY family, as in my DH and the boys. Couldn't live life without them, just couldn't, it would all be pointless.

#2 My family, as in my family growing up. I am pretty blessed family wise, I the two most amazing parents that ever existed. My mom is my kindred spirit, we are so much alike that it's a little scary sometimes, although she is much more patient than I am. My mom is my best friend, I love spending time with her.

My dad is my knight in shining armor. He kept me out of a lot of trouble when I was a kid by pretending to be this big mean dad. If I ever felt uncomfortable in any situation, a simple phone call would have my dad coming to the rescue to drag me out of that with his big "mean" face on, so that I could save face with my friends and say my dad made me go home, rather than letting them know I needed him to come save me from something I felt was wrong. I never had to say no to drugs or alcohol because my friends didn't want to push their luck with my dad. On top of that, he gave me my love for classical music. As a child I liked to pretend he was torturing me with it, but it has become a true love in my life. We also share the french horn, my dad played when he was in school and I chose the french horn out of a desire to have something in common with him. I am grateful for that because music is a natural high that no drug could ever compete with and I believe that the sound of a french horn is one of the most beautiful on earth.

And last but not least in any way, my sister. I may only have one, but she's a keeper. Thank heavens she likes me better now. Course that may have something to do with the fact that she has kids, and they don't let her read anymore LOL Or maybe the fact that she got me hooked on scrapping, then I got her hooked on sewing and jewelry making, and now we have stuff to do that doesn't involve books. Although she has been known to find a good book and disappear for days on end leaving me buzzing her IM all day with no response *sigh*

#3-My family (Do you sense a trend here?) I come from two sides of very close extended family. I don't know very many families like mine, where on a given sunday you can show up at grandma's and find the rest of the family there as well, who make it a point to all get together for holidays (Although because of sheer quantity of family members these days, it's getting harder and harder to find somewhere where we all fit.) I grew up having relationships with all of my aunts, uncles, cousins and even have close relationships with some of my parents' cousins as well as great aunts and uncles and second, third etc cousins. Our family rocks!

#4-Music-from an early age I was exposed to classical music and it has developed into a true love. I can't explain the way it makes me feel inside. From there I have developed a love for the ballet (What I wouldn't give to be one of those lithe, graceful women instead of this short, chubby, clumsy one) and even an opera or two, though for the most part I am not really an opera officianado.

#5-Crafts-I come by my craftiness genetically, it runs in the family. Passed down from a long line of crafty women. Crafting brings me joy and a sense of accomplishment. Just about any kind of craft will do, I have attempted pretty much everything but plastic canvas and sand art LOL

#6-Kids- What can I say, I love kids. I love to hang out with kids, I love to play with kids, I love to act like a kid. Kids are just awesome. I feel blessed to be able to work with kids, I have for a large part of my life. I am happiest in jobs that involve children. It's just the way I am.

#7-money, I am assuming money could be a great joy, I would love the chance to find out =0P

#8- decorating- I love to decorate. Anything....everything.

#9- man, this is harder than I thought it would be....hmmmmmm K, I am little bit embarrassed to admit this, but I'm gonna have to say Junk food. Namely doughnuts and french fries. I still wouldn't look like a ballet dancer, but I wouldn't look like this if doughnuts and french fries had never been invented.....oh, and bread too Yumm.

#10- The internet. It has opened up a whole world to me. I tend to be a bit of a recluse, I can easily lock myself in my house for days on end and not speak to anyone. This started with having twins...sick kids that are quarantined to their house for the first three years of thier lives will do that to you. For the first two years I was suicidal and depressed, then my DH introduced me to the internet and I found Moms Online. Oh my goodnes gracious, there are people out there....who knew. I have met most of my best friends (Aside from the ones related to me) on the internet. Without the internet I probably wouldn't have friends at all, because believe it or not, I am a very shy person, I hide it quite well by talking a lot, which I hate, because then it brings out the insecurity in me. I can't stand the silence it makes me screamingly uncomfortable, so I talk to cover it up, and then I get a little manic, start acting a little goofy, feel like it is my responsibility to keep everyone entertained, then I go home and berate myself for hours on end and convince myself that I am annoying and unlikeable and that everyone can't wait for me to leave because they can't stand me because I am so obnoxious which makes me not want to leave my house and I become a hermit again. It's all a big viscious cycle, so thank heavens for the internet where there are no prolonged silences (although I am still annoying from time to time, I hope my friends can forgive me LOL)


Liz said...

Hooray for you mom, to work with him on reading. As a teacher, I would kill (OK, maybe not really kill,) to have more parents like you; parents who were willing to take the time to give their children what they need. So many parents today are into their own "thing," which sadly often isn't their children...

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for Mom's Online. I'm so thankful we met. I consider you a wonderful friend and I really love reading your blog.

Elizabeth (nope, still don't know my password and I'm still posting anon, sorry)