Sunday, March 30, 2008

Recent Reading

I have been sick all week, the boys were kind enough to share their horrible cold with me. So between hacking up a lung and sleeping of the cold medicine induced stupor, I have been doing a lot of reading.

First of all, Night, Dawn, Day by Elie Wiesel

This is one of the few books I have been unable to finish. Just over a year ago, I joined an online book club, this is one of the very first books they chose to read. I went to the library website and put it on hold, I was #132 on the wait list. It took over a year for the book to get to me. I started reading it because the ladies in my book group had talked so much about it, and I just can't finish it. It is a book without hope. It gave me nightmares and broke my heart. It is a true account of a jewish boys experience in a concentration camp. I feel as if I am letting him down by not finishing the book, but I just can't do it.

A Tree Grows In Brooklynn

Another sad and depressing book. Throughout this entire book I kept waiting for something good to happen, and for her to actually be happy about it. It never happened. I won't say that the book wasn't interesting, and it was well written, but the entire book is about hardship and unhappiness. Even when things finally go well for her, she is unhappy. And she falls in love in the matter of a few hours and spends her life pining for a looser who totally used her, while there is a wonderful man who loves her just standing there waiting for her attention.

And last of all...Forgive Me

Another depressing and sad book about the horrors of apartheid in South Africa. There are some gruesome descriptions and heartbreaking moments in this book, but it was well written, captivating and eye opening. Being the ignorant American that I am, I had no clue that these things were going on. I think of my cousin who spent two years in South Africa, and the things he may have seen and I understand a little more why he never talks about his time over there. Out of the three books, this one would probably be the one I recommend to other readers. We all need to stop and open our eyes to the world around us.

And with this, I am off to find some light hearted chick lit! I need a break after these three.