Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Another Day, Another Trip to the Dentist, Another Deal, Another Breakdown

As I type this, there are thumps, thuds, shouts, screams, and yells emanating from my upstairs hallway and I swear to you here and now that if they kill each other, I am not going to care, nor intervene!

This ladies and gentlemen is the reason I wanted girls. Because boys FIGHT! And by fight I don't mean a civilized screaming match such as my sister and I engaged in in our youths, nooooo I mean grabbing each other, throwning them down on the floor, punching, kicking, jumping on them! It's brutal I tell ya! Then they come sobbing to me about how "I'ts all HIS FAULT" while violently pointing at a sibling and giving them the death stare. To which the opposite child then has to give his side of the story and before you know it, they are shouting over each other to be heard, then someone gives a shove, the other shoves back and instantly they are on the floor punching and kicking again.

I am so sick of this whole cycled that I could scream loud enough to bring the roof down. I am sick of it! SICK SICK SICK SICK SICK OF IT!

On to other things...I had to take my two little turds...I mean delightful offspring to the dentist today. Two more crappy visits full of cavities and future appointments *sigh* Oh well, you know what I say, the good businesses deserve to succeed, I am just doing what I can to make sure he stays in business.

My littlest one is seven, he totally flipped. You would have thought they were trying to kill him in there. I think someone called the S.W.A.T.T. team from down the street thinking that there was mass murder going on in the building. He's such a little dramatic. If that is how he behaves for teeth cleaning, I can't wait til they actually have to fill a cavity! Should be a good time right there. I even took my dang camera and was so busy consoling my little drama king that I totally forgot to take pictures UGH

And since we were in the neighborhood (20 minutes away is the same neighborhood right?) I stopped at the thrift store. I found a couple of really fun things. A fabulous vintage suitcase, it is in excellent condition for $4. I found the pink vase that I totally love for $1, I found this addorable cradle, doesn't have a bottom but that is an easy fix for my handy hubby, it even has cute little decals on the side. Love it for only $3, and another vintage sheet because Amanda Jean has me hooked.

I also got a Build A Bear teddy bear that looks just like my youngest son's best friend Jack for 1.50. (PS, this is Jack, the scroungy slobber smelling right hand man to my youngest guy, in his matching jammie pants made from left overs of K's jammie pants)

Too bad I couldn't find it when Jack was lost and I went searching all over creation for a retired teddy bear that no one had. Thank heavens we finally found one on ebay, a whole week of him not sleeping and being crabby was all I could take.

And just for fun, a picture I took today on my way home from the dentist. This is the view I see whenever I leave my neighborhood. It is about to go away though because they are clearing land for another sub-division. *sigh* pretty soon I will only be able to see the tippy tops of the mountains over the roofs of another development. That makes me sad, one of the things I love most about living in this house is my panoramic views of the mountains and valley.

And with that, the thumping and yelling upstairs has ended so either they killed each other, or resolved their differences. I hope they didn't leave blood stains on the carpet, that would be so inconvenient =0P


Anonymous said...

Oh my. I was all set to comment on the kids fighting each other......then I saw that view. All I can say is oh my, and I am so jealous. That's an incredible view. Wow. TFS

BTW, I hope there are no blood stains. ;-)


Robyn said...

Great shot of the mountains. And I lOVE your comment about keeping the dentist in business. That's how I feel about the pediatrician's.

Marcia said...

What a beautiful view!

I love vintage finds. That little doll cradle will be so fun to make a doll quilt for. Maybe someday you'll have grand daughters... Ü

Some day your house will be too quiet and you'll miss all that noise the boys and their friends make. I found it always easier to have friends over. They behaved better when they had company. It was actually quieter in a house of 6 children than just my 3.