Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Day At The Dentist and...I Need A Makeover!

Well today was the day, I was prepared to actually sit on my child if I had to but there was no need. The dentist said "I am going to poke your gums with my fingernail to see if you are numb yet, let me know if it hurts.

(That's Pk's best snuggle Lion Dog (Named him after his dad he did...nah, just kiddin') keeping watch over PK and giving comfort where needed.)

The tech put her hand over his hands so he wouldn't smack the dentist and guess what?

It was totally anticlimactic. He didn't even flinch. He would say Ow and then dentist would say "Not numb yet?" Pk would shake his head and the dentist would say "How about over here?" Pk would say no etc til all the shots where done then he said "Well, I guess you're not numb yet, let's wait another five minutes or so and I'll come check again."

Pretty sneaky, PK had no idea at all that he was getting shots. I have a feeling it would have all come out completely differently had he known!

He did great though, got two fillings and had his one tooth pulled. There is still infection in his gum so it's another week of antibiotics for him.

On another note, I think I need a makeover. The lady at the dentist office said "And you're grandma?" Ummmm NO! I am his mom, and I 34 years old and I an no where CLOSE to being a grandma! The part that makes all of this so much more pathetic is that she isn't the first one to assume I am my children's grandma. There was the door greeter at Walmart, the fabric lady at walmart (Yes, I know, walmart fabric is crap but with the speed that my kids go through the knees of their jammie pants $3 flannel is a good deal!) and the lady at McDonald's once. I know there are more, and you would think they would be seared into my brain cut I can't think of them right now.

Anyway, all of this leaves me thinking that I need a makeover, obviously I look much older than I am. My problem is that I tend to dress in jeans and knit shirts, I need someone trendy to go shopping with, someone who can help me get in style and out of my SAHM uniform.

Well, that and a lot of money LOL.

I think I also need a new haircut. My hair is naturally curly, but very thin and fine. If I straighten it out I have about as much hair as a one year old. I kept it cut short and spikey in the back but thought maybe that was the reason, because I had short hair, so I let it grow out, it's now shoulder length and I am still being called a grandma.

*Sigh* what is wrong with me? The first one or two I could attribute to the person being either A-blind B-rude C- just plain stupid. But it has become a trend so I can therfore no longer blame it on the other person, there has to be some flaw with ME. I am tired of people thinking I am old.



Dona said...

I would go with all of your ABC ideas. Live in jeans just not mommy jeans as my kids say. Haircut and color do make you feel like a new person. Just go slow.


PS Those people need a life. Being a mom is hard !

Anonymous said...

Ugh! Yes, please go with A, B, and C. In no way do you look like a Grandma yet. What is with people?!?

I went to a pricier place to get my hair cut a few cuts ago. She was rude, answered the phone and proceeded to talk on a personal call while I was in her freakin' sink, and didn't hear a word I said about what I wanted. So then I find the $5 lady. That's what I call the place, I love Jenny to death, she only charges $5, and I LOVE my cut. Totally makes me feel good to get my hair cut. Oh and a color, I get the non-perm. color at Wal-Mart and do it myself. Covers the grey and looks pretty darn good.

As for the jeans, I own nothing but jeans. Two pair at that, woohooo.