Sunday, March 9, 2008

Another little lamb for the flock

Ok, this one isn't for me, this is for my Niece. I was IM'ing with my sister the other day and showed her a picture of my sheep attempts and my niece fell in love.

Sister asked me to make one for her for her birthday so... being the obliging aunt that I am I made her one.

I don't know what my deal is, I just can't get these things to look right to save me. I thought maybe a bigger nose, like the first attempt, would give her a sheepier quality but alas, she just looks ridiculous. I think I may rip her nose stitches out and go for the smaller nose like on my shabby sheep/dog.

This sheep just looks so wrong to me. *Sigh*

I do love the fabric though. Sister asked me for yellow and white polka dots to match niece's bedroom but no yellow and white polka dot was to be found. Since her bedroom is yellow, red, and green, I thought this darling fabric would work out great. Hope they both like it.


stampscrappy said...

VERY cute! She's going to love it, and it matches her bedroom just right.