Friday, March 7, 2008

Isn't She Lovely

I made another one, I couldn't help myself, and I still have this strong urge to make even another. Maybe it runs in the family. My grandpa and my great grandpa both cared for flocks of sheep, maybe this can be my way of carrying on the tradition.

These ones definately smell better! And you don't track "Sheep Dip" in on your shoes with these ones either.

I fixed some things on this one that I did wrong on the last one, and still did things wrong on this one LOL Maybe if I make 300 I can make a perfect one.

I made this one to go in my shabby chic bedroom. I call her "Shabby Sheep" get it? LOL

I only wish I hadn't shown these to my sons. They would have been PERFECT to go into Easter Baskets! URGH

I may make them each one anyway. I have that cute large orange dot fabric from my shopping expedition last month that would be perfect for K.

I may make one for my mom also, so she can be reminded of her dad whenever she sees it.

Oh, and I have a couple friends having babies, these would be great shower gifts....

Maybe I will make a million of these before I'm done LOL


Breanna said...

What a sweet sheep! I just went and printed out a pattern, you've inspired me. Thanks!