Saturday, March 15, 2008


Sorry, I am being invisible these days, seems like I never have two minutes to sit down and write.

And wouldn't you know, since I had all of today with no "Plans" I woke up sick to my stomach, pounding head, and rings in my eyes.

Yep, full on migraine. I have spent all day in bed with a wash cloth over my face. Except for one half hour span around noon when I made the monumental mistake of thinking "I HATE TO get my hair cut today" I just couldn't take it any longer.

Having anyone touch your hair when you have a migraine is not a good plan, ever! I thought she was ripping each and every hair out of my head by the fistfull.

On top of that...I hate my haircut! UGH. Now I have to figure out how to do it. I took a picture in. This picture to be precise. This hair cut looks DARLING on this little cartoon model. It so does NOT look cute on me!

I also have very thin, very soft, baby hair. My hair may have looked ok for all of ten minutes, past which point it was hangling limp, lifeless, and stringy. Very discouraging. I was so looking forward to a young, hip, hairdo (don't tell me if this hair cut is ten years out of date, I don't want to know, and I dont' get outmuch so I will never know the difference if you don't tell me LOL.

So here is a picture of my little fat face, with my hair cut that looked ok for all of ten minutes and now looks like a nasty brown rag mop died on my head.

And with that, my headache and I are back off to bed. Hope you all have a great weekend!


Candice said...

I think it looks really cute! I have used this product called Big Sexy Hair and that does wonders for volume. I wonder if it would give you a little more volume, but I really like it!! :)

Jeanette said...

Yeah, Big sexy hair is what I got. It doesn't seem to be workin' any wonders LOL

stampscrappy said...

I still think it's cute!

Josh & Jen said...

you are adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Very cute, Jeanette! I really like it!


Robyn said...

I LIKE it! You're just not used to it yet. Give it a few weeks.