Friday, March 14, 2008


Let me start by saying that I have been in the principals office more this school year than I have in my entire life put together.

The good news is, we had a great meeting today, changes were made and my son is now in a different classroom, where he has a teacher who doesn't demean him in front of his entire class. A teacher who is fun and uplifting rather than constantly telling him he will never ammount to anything and that he is bad (yes she actually says this to him, has even done so with me standing right next to him!)

The Principal was great. We voiced our concerns, he appologized profusely and asked us if we would please write a formal report and turn it into the school board. He said he wants to make sure he never has another parent in his office with a complaint like this again.

I am very grateful that things went so smoothly. I had heard that I would have a fight on my hands to get my son transfered to a different class. I am glad things were much easier than I feared and I hope my son is able to relax and begin to enjoy school again.

Poor little guy, he is so soft hearted anyway, and he gets his feelings hurt, or gets frustrated, he needs someone who can tell him GENTLY that he needs to calm down, breathe, and get himself under control. Not someone who will mock him, and draw the attention of the entire class to him, so that they can point and laugh as well. Which humiliates him and just makes things ten times worse.

So anyway, good update, we are very relieved, thanks for the prayers .


Vintage Lane Stitches said...

Hi Jeanette,
Im glad you went well with your visit to the principal. Its tough when our kids get picked on.Thanks for visiting my blog looking forward to getting to know you too.Jo

Candice said...

Jeanette! I am so glad you took the leap and got him in a better class! That's one thing I learned this year. You don't have to *put up* with anything! We have choices! Great job girl!!