Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Meme's, the new Slam books?

So I was shopping with my mom the other day, following her around like the proverbial puppy, smiling and nodding as she held up each new discovery, occasionally sticking my finger down my throat or rolling her eyes after she turned to signify how I really felt.

I don't often tell my mom I don't like something. Unless I really REALLY don't like it and it's her intention to buy it for ME LOL. Usually I smile and nod, this comes out of self preservation. If I should say that I don't really care for it (This is my way of saying "Ummmm no way in HECK am I wearing, using, or displaying that in my home!") she goes on to explain all it's finer points. One can only take this attempt at conversion so many times per shopping trip.

Luckily we like mostly the same things, we differ mostly when it comes to fabrics. She likes hunter green (gag), burgundy (spew), and mauve (hurl). (No offense if you like these colors, it's just that these were the colors of my house for 10 years and I am so utterly sick to death of looking at them). While I go more for Black, Red, and Apple Green, not to cast aside my new love...aqua.

Anyway, I am getting off on a tangent here. So I follow my mom around the store doing my smile and not routine and in the meantime I am thinking about Meme's or tags on blogs. So I came to a question? Are Meme's the slam books of today? Should we pass around an email saying that each participant should write their name next to their favorite number, then use that number to answer the question on each page throughout the rest of the book. Ah, but there's the rub, we don't have a book to pass around, because rather than be confined to the same small world each day (read classroom) we are spread across continents. We are friends with people it never would have been possible for us to be friends with ten years ago.

So we revert back to what we know. If we would like to learn more about someone, hand them a little book full of questions and ask them to please sign their name and answer them all.

1-Eric Jensen...cute or ugly?
2- favorite color
3- Does Mrs. Barnes wear a wig? Yes or no?
4- Who do you have a crush on?
5- Are you popular? If yes, see me at recess, if no, go away.

And then I am resigned to my own purgatory of self doubt, just like I was in grade school? Do people like me? Do they want me to sign their slam book? Are they going to use it to black mail me later on, when I don't want to jump rope at recess and that instantly turns me into their mortal enemy? Are they going to run up and tell Chris Jensen that I think he's ugly and therefore be responsible for hurting his feelings? Or even worse, are they going to tell him I think he's cute and I have to live with abject embarrassment 'til the end of my days? If they tell him I think he's cute is he going to beat me up after school, or ask me to marry him when I am 21?

It's all too much pressure. And me, being the neurotic that I am, panic and over think how I answer every question.

If I say I want to someday travel to France, are they going to say "That is so last year, everyone who is ANYONE has already been there like...25 times, geeze you looser!"

If I say I like Beluga Whales am I going to be lumped in with the Lisa Frank lovin' glitter binder totin' girls who draw dolphins on literally every stationary (or should I say stationery LOL they both work) surface?

In the end, I just want to me, and I want people to like me anyway.