Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spring lays in wait.

My children INSIST that it is spring now. It is so easy to be lulled by this 60 degree weather, a true joy after our long and snow filled winter, but I know better. I know that we have at least one big snow storm coming.

How do I know you ask? Well, it may not say so on the weather report, but I know! I know because today... my crocus bloomed. Every year my lovely crocus peek their tiny white, yellow, and purple heads up through the frozen soil and open their faces to the sunshine just in time for a last season snowstorm to hit and kill them all. It happens every year, like clockwork.

Everyone around here is ready for spring. You can see it in the children who all have their shorts on, despite the slight nip in the air. The re-emergence of convertibles recently rescued from beneath their winter dust covers. You can see that she is just around the corner, patiently biding her time, a lady in waiting. The signs are everywhere.

The buds on the trees...

The Ice Cream Vulture's first day back on the job (What do ice cream men do in the winter?)

And the fact that I have one dandelion in bloom already in my back yard. How does that happen? Dang flowers!

All this does is remind me that I have a very short amount of time to get all the dead flowers hauled out of my flower beds before the new flowers start emerging. It makes me tired just thinking about it. Do you know how many flower beds I have? I bet if you lined them all end to end I would have close to a mile of flower beds in my yard. That is a LOT of yanking and pulling! Oi!

And just because it's almost Easter, a picture of our own cute little bunny, Foo.

And on an odd thought, just because it is nearly Spring for some reason it has called to mind a song I learned in grade school, it has been running through my head for about he last half hour and just now I had a "WTH"???? moment.

Who ever thought that it was a good idea to teach a bunch of young, impressionable, minds a song about a dead goose? Who is Aunt Rhoda anyway? What a depressing and morbid song. My children will NOT be learning that the goose died in the millpond. At least not from me, and I would hope that by now the teachers have come up with a more cheer filled song to teach today's children about the joy of spring. Spring is such a happy season, a rebirth of the world, why the heck did we sing songs about dead animals? No wonder my generation is so depressed. Sheesh!