Monday, March 31, 2008

Procrastination, can I just do it later?

Why do I procrastinate? I mean really...why? It is so annoying, I am perturbed with myself.

I spent a huge part of today trying to get something done that would have taken me a minute here and there if I had done it when I was supposed to.

But no, that 2 minutes I could have been doing something else, so I put it off 'til later, and instead spent a couple of hours playing catch up today.

But yay, all my photo's are now journaled. I keep a word doc in each months' folder talking about the pictures we have taken, the meaning behind them, what we were feeling, thinking, or doing at the time and any funny anecdotes to go along with them.

I haven't done any journaling for this year until today. It's a lot of typing because I am not known for being short winded LOL

I also cleaned my kitchen, which could probably have been declared a toxic waste dump. Being depressed and sick all week, I wasn't exactly motivated to keep up with my housework.

I walked into my kitchen today and was disgusted, I thought "I am going to clean this up right now" Then I thought....hmmm I need to blog about all my thrifty finds. So I came down here and blogged instead and I was punished by the powers that be.

My friend called, she was two minutes away, she was going to drop in. UUUUGH. I love my friend, but she is a tough act to follow, her house is ALWAYS clean. I don't think she has ever been to my house when it was clean (isn't that the way it works, people only stop by when your house looks like a war zone). She probably thinks I am just a pig who makes excuses every time she stops by.

I promise though, today was NOT normal. Ok, it was normal for this week, but not normal for the average state of my house. No really. And my kitchen is clean now, and just thinking about having someone see my house like that makes my face burn with shame.

How come no one ever drops in when my house is clean? Is there a bat signal that goes out when my house is messy so my friends come over? LOL I don't think anyone believes me when I tell them my house is usually looking much better than this.

Maybe I should just give up, if they all believe I'm a slob, then I don't have to do nearly as much housework...right?


Jennifreckles said...

I feel the same way! No one ever drops in when my house is clean.
Sometimes I even make dinner party plans so I'll clean my house - guess I'm willing to do it for others.
And nice to 'meet' you - always good to find fellow Utahns!

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I'm so in your boat. No one ever stops by when I've cleaned. Grrr... And the procrastination, I could write a book. I'm working on major 'spring cleaning' this week. I'm taking a break from my son's room right now. I'm so aggravated that it has gotten so bad. I'm ashamed to even tell you how many garbage bags of broken toys, torn books, posters, notebooks, etc... I've gotten out of there so far and I'm not even halfway finished.

When I'm finished with his room, I move on to the girls room. It's like his room times 2. Fun stuff. I'd pay good money for someone to do it for me. Too bad I don't have any, huh?!