Tuesday, March 18, 2008

We had a great day!

Ok, as a mom...I SUCK! Yesterday was the boys' ninth birthday and I didn't take one single picture. UGH What is wrong with me? I have this beautiful new camera and I'm not even using it.

In my defense yesterday was a quiet day, came home from school and painted pinewood derby cars, then let the boys choose where they wanted to go for their birthday dinner. Of course they chose McDonalds (Blech). Then we came home, talked to all kinds of family on the phone and went to bed.

But yesterday...it was a great day.

It was K's first day in his new classroom and for the first time he came home with a smile on his face talking excitedly about all the things that happened in school today.

For the first time he didn't say "My Teacher yelled at me1"

He seemed so much happier.

As B and I were running around buy some last minute things for the birthday party on saturday and Easter on sunday the phone rang. It was Principal E on the phone saying "I have K down here in my office."

My heart dropped. I thought "Already? It's his first day!" I knew the transition would be rough for him, change always is for a child, but I didn't expect this. My throat tightened, I felt the tears begin to gather in the corners of my eyes.

Principal E went on to explain that he was calling to give me some HAPPY news for a change and that K had had a really great day, appropriate behavior, and that things had just gone really well. That he anticipated that things would be much better for him and that he expected the rest of the school year to go smoothly.

Oh, what a relief, what a joy. Maybe now, my anxious, sullen, unhappy little boy can start to enjoy school and life again.

His new teacher is wonderful, she is patient and kind and I think K will blossom under her care. I think she will help him find his self esteem, help him see that while he isn't the smartest kid in the class, he isn't stupid either and he has talents and attributes that make him special and make other people like him.

I think he can feel safe in his classroom now, and know that no grown up is going to make him feel like worthless scum.

His new teacher told him that as far as she was concerned he was a good little boy with no problems and he had a fresh start from right now. She said she doesn't listen to what other people tell her and she knows he is going to do just great in her class. That it is important to her that he feels safe and feels like she is a friend that he can go to when he needs help.

You should have seen his face. I have never see hope shining so brightly. I applaud her, she gave him the chance to be someone new, without any previous baggage or labels.

He was never a bad kid until he was told he was. But what child can be a good kid when constantly told they are bad?

Please pray for my little guy that this is the answer to our problems. He is such a great kid. He's funny and goofy and fun to be around and I hate that he has changed so much in the past six months. I want my happy kid back.

The only drawback is that I had to write a report for the school board. That was really hard. I don't like knowing that someone is going to get in trouble, especially if my words are going to initiate it, but the principal asked me to do this so that he doesn't have to have another parent sit in his office and tell him the kinds of things I have told him this year. It still sucks, I don't like to hurt people or their feelings, even if they don't have the same consideration.

On to other things, the pinewood derby is tonight. I can't wait to see how my kiddos do. It was SO HARD for my little type A personality to watch them paint their own cars, and very very hard for me not to say "Let me just do it for you" LOL. They are proud of their creations though and I didn't touch them other than to straighten PF's windows out a little.

I hope they have a great time, it's gonna be fun!

have a great day all!


Josh & Jen said...

Hi Jeanette! You've been bag tagged! heeheehee

Robyn said...

I'm SOOOOO glad he's doing better!! And it's nice to know that some teachers remember how to teach children instead of curriculum.

And just take pics of the boys tomorrow, silly! it's close enough to today, they won't remember in 10 years that it was a one day delay.