Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Applique Class, night one

So here is my first applique class project. I definitely have room for improvement, but I don't think it's TOO horrible. The poor lady sitting next to me really struggled with the stitches, she was doing them backwards so that her thread showed a lot on top, instead of the tiny little stitches that blend in. I had to help her about three times before she realized what she was doing wrong, I explained it, she would say ok, then proceed to do it wrong again LOL

But, by the time she was 90% done with her leaves she finally caught on, so hopefully when she comes next week her circle will be done the right way and will be beautiful.

I was the only person in that class under 50. I felt so out of place, but I guess that just fits right in with my "Old Soul" personality. I had a lot of fun with the ladies and didn't feel self conscious the way I always am around people my own age. It was a fun night, I can't wait til next week, I wish I had more to work on!

This little thing is a flower, we aren't allowed to do the center until next week. Then the finished pattern is a little needle case. Can't wait to get it finished, I will use it JUST for my applique needles and pins.

Our teacher is awesome, her name is Barbara Jones and she is the lady who does the Quilt Soup patterns. Check them out, they are adorable, she brought many of them to show us last night. I love the Mabel's table one (Wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that it has cherries in it....)


Liz said...

It's lovely. My first trip down the appliqué road ended in disaster - and that was with stopping for directions several times! I wish I had you sitting next to me. :)

Jeanette said...

Liz that would have been fun, I couldn't have straightened you right out, because yeah...I'm an expert LOL

Just kidding. It just happens that I knew how to fix what she was doing wrong. Next week I may well be in way over my head LOL

Candice said...

It looks great! How cute!